Amma Adarsha Patashaala Committee Account Change Form

To.                                         Dt: ___-07-2024.
The Br. Manager,


Sub: School Education – Teachers transfers and promotions – Change of Headmaster – Change of Member Convenor name
 In Amma Adarsha Patashaala Committee Account – MPPS __________________, Mdl: ____________ – Req- Reg.

 DEO Peddapalli Rc No: 126/A1/Transfers/2023, Dt: 30-06-2024.

$ $ $

With reference to the subject cited above, MPPS________________ School Headmaster Sri/Smt ________________________ has been Promoted /Transferred in recent transfers.
Hence kindly make arrange to change the name of Member Convenor as Sri/Smt ______________________________ in the Amma Adarsha Patashaala Committee, MPPS ___________________________________account bearing A/C No: ____________________________ whose signature is attested below.

 Thanking you sir,

Member Convenor Chairperson

Mandal Educational Officer

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