Parents Teachers Meeting Guidelines to be conducted on 16.12.2023


Rc.No. 2751/SS/T4/2022.Date:12.12.2023.

Present: A. Sridevasena, I.A.S.,

Sub:- Telangana Samagra Shiksha - Community Mobilization - Conduct of Parent Teacher Meeting for the month of December, 2023 on 16.12.2023 in all Government & Local body Schools Certain Instructions - Issued - Reg.

Read:-1. This office Procs. No.2751/SS/T4/2022, Date: 24.08.2022.
2. This office Procs.No. 2751/SS/T4/2022, Date: 21.09.2022,

The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, Hyderabad & Warangal and all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the references read above.

They are informed that Parent Teacher Meeting for the month of December, 2023 is to be held on 16.12.2023 in all Government & Local body Schools in the State as per guidelines issued in the reference 1st read above.

In this context, they are requested to ensure the following.

i) Prior intimation to parents by sending invitation in writing through the students of the School by HMs well in advance to invite them for PTM in order to ensure 100% participation by parents as role of parents is crucial for academic growth of their children.

ii) To connect the school with society in general and in particular with the major stake holders of school i.e., parents.

iii) To get the support of Parents to improve enrollment.

iv) To involve parents as key stake holders in school developmental activities and for academic growth of the students and the Institution.

v) vi) HMs shall specially focus on parents who did not turn up so far for PTMs and to ensure their attendance.

Send an invitation to the parents indicating time and date of the PTM, request the parents to bring their phones to the meeting.

vii) During the Parent Teachers Meeting the Headmasters/Teachers shall share the details and install Intinta Chaduvula Panta (ICP) app in the mobiles of the parents.

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