PMShri Sample Form

PMShri Sample Challange Form

ఆన్ లైన్ చేయాల్సిన అంశాలు:

  1. బడి యొక్క భౌతిక సదుపాయాలు
  2. టీచింగ్ స్టాఫ్ వివరాలు
  3. అభ్యసన ఫలితాలు వివరాలు
  4. NSQF ( ఉన్నత పాఠశాలల ) వివరాలు
  5. పచ్చదనం
  6. కమిటీ ల వివరాలు
  7. బడి ముందటి ఫోటో 
  8. బడి వెనుక ఫోటో
  9. సర్పంచ్ లెటర్
  10. HM లెటర్
బడి ముందటి ఫోటో , బడి వెనుక ఫోటో, సర్పంచ్ లెటర్, HM లెటర్ లు పోటోలు తీసి 250 px × 250 px సైజ్ లో ఉండాలి.

Photo సైజ్ ను మన ఫోన్ లో నే మార్చు కోవచ్చు. దీని కొరకు ప్లే స్టోర్ నుంచి Image Shrink lite అనే ఆప్ ను డౌన్ లోడ్ చేసుకోండి 

Infrastructure / Physical Facilities & School Safety

S.No. Questions Options

7 School has an attached Pre-Primary section/ co-located or twinned/partnered Agandwadi. ○ Yes ○ 

Has sufficient number of classrooms for instructional purposes (Pupil to classroom ratio shall be calculated based on UDISE+ data)
○ Yes ○ No

21 School has Playground ○ Yes ○ No

23 At-least one inter-school/community sports events organized in the playground of the school
during last one year
○ Yes ○ No

School has utilized the playground post school hours for the purpose of promotion of Sports in the local community, through holding of local competition in the neighbourhood or through permitting local community to use the playground in post-school hours. (Evidence of community
○ Yes ○ No

36 At-least two Students of the school have participated at inter-school, District/ State/National Sports events.
○ Yes ○ No

44 School has library facility with more than 100 books for Elementary School (Class 1-8) and more
than 100 books for Sr. Secondary Schools (Class 6-10/6-12/ 1-10/1-12)
○ Yes ○ No

47 At-least 60% students are issued at-least two library books in last one year. ○ Yes ○ No

50 School has facility of at-least 1 smart-classroom / Digital Board/projector/desktop in class for teaching-learning.
○ Yes ○ No

55 School uses Computer/Tablets/ Mobile Apps/ online facilities for administrative purpose ○ Yes ○ No

56 School has at-least one facility - Science / Mathematics / Skill / ICT/ Atal Tinkering Lab/ Art
room/ WIFI facility /Internet etc.
○ Yes ○ No

58 School conducts safety audit (Child safety & Infrastructure safety) at-least once a year. ○ Yes ○ No

59 The school should have developed a School Disaster Management Plan (SDMP) for fire,
pandemic, and at least one other disaster specific to the area.
○ Yes ○ No

60 School should have functional Separate Toilets for Divyang students ○ Yes ○ No

61 There should be regular annual health check-ups in the school as evidenced by child wise records. ○ Yes ○ No

62 School Safety Pledge displayed.○ Yes ○ No

Teaching Staff and Capacity Building

S.No. Questions Options

School should have PTR from 25-30 in Elementary (1-5), from 30-35 in Elementary (1-8) and 35-
40 in Senior Secondary Schools. School should not have adverse PTR than this.
○ Yes ○ No

13 School has a regular Principal/Head Teacher. ○ Yes ○ No

15 At-least 50% of teachers have created no-cost/low cost basic teaching aids or tools for teaching learning.
○ Yes ○ No

24 Modern teaching techniques/pedagogies ? activity-based learning, use of instructional aids and ICT, project-based learning, etc. are used in teaching learning process.
○ Yes ○ No

31 Extra activities such as Field Visits, Sports, Art, Nukkad Natak, exhibitions, webinars, talks, etc.
are proactively organised by the teachers, over and above the prescribed academic hours.
○ Yes ○ No

37 School has Counsellor/Designated Librarian/Music Teacher/Art teacher ○ Yes ○ No

46 School has special educator ○ Yes ○ No

49 School has access to a Sport Teacher/designated Sport teacher ○ Yes ○ No

52 School has ICT Teachers.

53 List 3 - 5 community engagement activities by the school in last 6 months, with local self-
government, local communities, families, shramdaan, tree plantations, etc.

PM Poshan Scheme

S.No. Questions Options

1 Availability of adequate kitchen utensils. ○ Yes ○ No

11 Availability of separate pucca kitchen where PM Poshan is cooked in the school ○ Yes ○ No

20 Daily data is being furnished on Automated Monitoring System. ○ Yes ○ No

25 Functional Nutrition Kitchen Garden in the School. ○ Yes ○ No

34 School has hand wash facilities for at-least 5 children simultaneously ○ Yes ○ No

39 School has separate space or dining area for serving PM Poshan to the children in school. ○ Yes ○ No

45 PM POSHAN weekly Menu is planned and displayed. ○ Yes ○ No

Learning Outcomes, LEP, Pedagogy

S.No. Questions Options

2 The school has displayed Learning Outcomes in each class. ○ Yes ○ No

14 At-least one School Based Assessment (SBA) held in each grade, in the last 6 months, based on
learning outcomes.
○ Yes ○ No

19 Parent Teacher Meetings (PTM) informing about learning outcome held in school in this academic
session for all grades ? at least once in two months.
○ Yes ○ No

26 School holds annual function to display the talents of its children to families and community. ○ Yes ○ No

33 School holds annual exhibition/Art meets/ Science exhibition / Exhibition of children works etc. ○ Yes ○ No

School/ any teacher / any student has won any prize at National Level in Teacher Award/ Khelo
India sports award/ Band Competition / Kala Utsav / Swachchata Vidyalaya Puraskar / Olympiads/
Hackathons/ any other National level competitions held by MoE and its autonomous bodies.
○ Yes ○ No

School/ any teacher / any student has participated at National Level in Teacher Award/ Khelo
India sports award/ Band Competition / Kala Utsav / Swachchata Vidyalaya Puraskar / Olympiads/
Hackathons/ any other National level competitions held by MoE and its autonomous bodies.
○ Yes ○ No

48 At-least 70% children participated in at-least two activities conducted under Ek Bharat Shrestha
Bharat (EBSB) in last 1 year.
○ Yes ○ No

51 The School Management Committee (SMC/SMDC) has been constituted. ○ Yes ○ No

54 SMC/SMDC meetings are held at regular intervals. ○ Yes ○ No

57 Mother-tongue/ Local/Regional Language is used in early grades ○ Yes ○ No

Vocational Education under National Skill Qualifications Framework (NSQF) (Only for Sr. Secondary levels)

S.No. Questions Options

5 The school is running at-least one NSQF compliant Vocational Course ○ Yes ○ No

Vocational exposure of about 12 hours annually is given to middle school children or planned to
be given in 2022-23 academic session onwards in accordance with available resources ? such as
kitchen gardening, local handicraft making, ten days bagless internship or exposure with local
trades person/crafts person or any other occupation of parents/family members
○ Yes ○ No

18 School having advanced technical skill i.e Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning etc
○ Yes ○ No

22 School arranges visits and/or is connected to nearby Industries. ○ Yes ○ No

Green Initiatives/ Activities by School

S.No. Questions Options

School has conducted at-least two environment awareness activities in school and/or in community in last six months
○ Yes ○ No

9 School is equipped with LED lights ○ Yes ○ No

17 School is having Eco-Clubs for all stages ? Elementary & Senior Secondary ○ Yes ○ No

27 School undertakes preparation of Biodiversity register/nature walks by students as a part of
curriculum transaction
○ Yes ○ No

32 School is undertaking water audits ○ Yes ○ No

40 School is having waste recycling/ Rain water harvesting System ○ Yes ○ No

43 School has organized at least one plantation drive in last six months in school or neighbourhood ○ Yes ○ No

Commitment of Stakeholders

S.No. Questions Options

School has obtained written express willingness of Gram Panchayat / Urban local body (ULB) for
contributing in infrastructure upgradation of the school.
○ Yes ○ No

10 The Gram Panchayat/Urban local body (ULB) has assisted in infrastructure upgradation of the
school in the last 2-3 years
○ Yes ○ No

16 School Management Committee has representation from Gram Panchayat/ Urban local body (ULB).
○ Yes ○ No

28 Parental engagement with classes/PM Poshan / activities is sought in innovative ways (give
○ Yes ○ No

30 School has engaged local Volunteers/ Community for teaching learning through mother tongue /local language in early grades (pre-school to grade 5)
○ Yes ○ No

38 School celebrates local culture/tradition and practices with at-least one creative event a year,
involving all students and teachers.
○ Yes ○ No

41 School collaborates with neighbourhood schools for teacher capacity building, exchange of
resources, joint events, etc.
○ Yes ○ No

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