Re- appropriating the existing Deputy Educational Officer (Dy.E.O) posts G.O.Ms.No:56, Dated:20.06.2023


School Education Restructuring of the Existing 53 Educational Divisions in the restructured Districts into 74 Educational Divisions, on par with the 74 Revenue Divisions Strengthening the divisional supervisory structure of School Education Department in districts Re- appropriating the existing Deputy Educational Officer (Dy.E.O) posts in district offices to ensure @ one Deputy Educational Officer post for all 74 Revenue Divisions Orders Issued.


Re- appropriating the existing Deputy Educational Officer (Dy.E.O) posts G.O.Ms.No:56, Dated:20.06.2023

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1. From the Commissioner of School Education, Lr.Rc.No. ESE02-12021/110/2022-EST 2-CSE, Dated 05/06/2022 and e-file Comp.No. 1722933, dt. 05.06.2022. 2. From the CSE, e-file Comp.No.1722933, dt.

24.08.2022, 13.09.2022 and 25.10.2022.


Government have issued orders for restructuring of existing (13) districts into (26) districts in the State of Andhra Pradesh to take Governance to the doorsteps of the citizens, with the avowed objective of improving the lives of the citizens of Andhra Pradesh and enhancing their satisfaction. The existing (13) districts were organized into (26) districts as a part of decentralization and the smaller administrative units will bring better transparency, administration, and more smoother and effective delivery of welfare in Andhra Pradesh. Further, the number of people living in each district has been brought down to facilitate better administration and complete focus on each district. In the State, there are 74 Revenue Divisions, however, the Educational Divisions are only 53, resulting in that after restructuring of districts, certain mandals which are in the jurisdiction of one educational division fall into the geographical boundaries of another District/Revenue Division.

2. The posts of Deputy Educational Officers (Dy.E.Os) which were created in the existing 53 Educational divisions in the State basing on the number of schools functioning in the district, are as detailed below:-


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