State Level Teams to be Observed List Items

*STATE LEVEL TEAM will observe the following items during school visit about _SSC_. SECRETARY MADAM AND DSE MADAM MONITORING CLOSELY, EVERYDAY*

-SSC students attendance register maintained?

 -which Subject teaching on the day

 -Hon'ble CM sir letter given to parents?

 -Whether SSC syllabus completed or not?

 -Whether Abhyasa Deepika distributed to students are not?

 -Weather digital practicing is done by students or not?

 -Spl classes register maintained or not?

 -Adoption of students

 -Wake up calls are made to students or not

 -ABC groups categorised?

- Group wise activities provided?

 -Weekly tests&Cumulative conducted?

 -Correction of answer scripts done

-Corrected answer scripts given to students &Doubts clarified?

- Six question papers model explained& blue print explained to students?

 -Snacks provided

 -SSC PTM meetings conducted as per schedule & recorded?

 -Special activities done
 -Observations of State Observer

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