English Grammar Bits Example Conditional Sentences


*1️⃣) Probable/open conditional sentence*
(if clause v1 +main clause shall / will+v1)


1)👉If you go now,you will catch the bus.

2)👉 if he studies well,he will pass the exam

3)👉If I go to Delhi,I shall meet her.

4)👉If you ask him,he will help you.

5)👉If it rains,they will cancel the match

6)👉If they rite well,they will get good marks.

*2️⃣)Improbable / Imaginary conditional sentence*
( If clause V2+ Main clause would / should /could /might +V1)


1)👉If I wrote well,I should get first class.

2)👉If she kicked me,I should beet her.

3)👉If I were you, I would marry her.

4)👉If we ran,we could arrive in time

5)👉If I won the lottery, I would buy a car.

6)👉 If I got good marks, I would get job.

*3️⃣) Impossible / unfullfilled conditional sentence.*
( If clause Had+V3 ,main class would /should / could/might + have +V3)


1)👉If you had asked me,I would have helped.

2) 👉 If I had known your arrival,I shoul have met you.

3) 👉If you had gone by taxi, You would have caught the train

4)👉If she had got good marks ,She would have got a rank.

5)👉If he had come promptly ,he would have understood lessons

6)👉If you had called him,he might have come.


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