MDM ePoS Training Module

Distribution  through  ePoS for  MDM  schools

The main  objective  of  the project is Seamless distribution of  commodities  from through ePoS devices  across  the MLS Points to  MDM schools state  using  Biometric  Authentication.

Monthly  allotment  to   MDM  Schools       by  Commissioner  of  Civil Supplies. Allotment  of  commodities  by  MDM  head to   Corresponding  district level schools.  

Computerization of  Indenting,  distribution and  stock balances through workflow based  system  .

Display of  commodities  and Commodities mdm school  officials details in distribution through  Aadhaar authentication.

Synchronization of  stock balances  at Acknowledgement  by  schools  inMLS points. charges using  mobile  App. With aadhaar based OTP  at school  premises.


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