TS Re.No.79/MDM/2019 Dated:07.08.2019 MID DAY MEAL SCHEME Instructions on ePoS system

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Present: T.Vijaya Kumar, I.A.S.

TS Re.No.79/MDM/2019 Dated:07.08.2019 MID DAY MEAL SCHEME Instructions on ePoS system

     SE DEPARTMENT MID DAY MEAL SCHEME Instructions on ePoS system Reg.

      All the District Educational Officers and Mandal Educational Officers in the State are hereby informed that the rice for Mid Day Meal Scheme will be supplied through ePoS system from the month of Sep, 2019 in the Telangana State. In this regard the concemed District NIC Officials have given orientation on ePoS system. All the Mandal Educational Officers have to register the schools of their Mandal in portal. It was noticed that the variation has been found in sanctioned strength and present strength and certain schools enrolment is mismatching. If the correct data was not entered in the portal the entire allocation of rice shall be withheld. Therefore, they are requested to follow the following instructions and complete the school registration by 09-08-2019.

1 ) The Mandal Educational Officer has to verify the enrollment of each school and then only he has to approve it.

2) The school U-DISE code and the management particulars should be entered in the portal

3) The District Educational Officers have to take the digital token and approve the school registration details after thorough verification only.

4) To every school the details of first incharge has to be the mobile number and aadhar number of the Head Master of the school.

The 2nd person details are to be the particulars of the MEO of the Mandal and 3 will be MDM incharge of the school All the corrections should be updated by 09-08-2019 s)

T.Vijaya Kumar Commissioner,
School Education.

To All the District Educational Officers in the State. Copy to all the Mandal Educational Officers Copy to the Regional Joint Director of School Education, Hyderabad & Warangal. TRUE COPY ATTESTED/ Dnfaro&o9 ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (MDM) PRTU Beona


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