GO MS No 2647 dt 03.12.2018 Election Officers Remuneration TA , DA etc


Elections General Elections to the Telangana Legislative Assembly, 2018 to be held on 07.12.2018 Financial Authorization Concession in TA. and DA to the Chief Electoral Officer, the Observers, the D.E.Os. Payment of remuneration to the Polling Personnel- Payment of sundry expenses to the Presiding Officers, Permanent Advances to the Returning Officers and Asst Returning Officers remuneration to Village servants Payment of extra TADA to the -Orders-Issued


G.O.RtNo 2647


Government hereby direct that the following orders, wherein certain financial authorizations and allowances were given to the poll personnel shall hold good for the purpose of conduct of General Elections to the Telangana State Legislative Assembly, 2018 to be held on 07.12 .2018 Ms No. 669, GA (Elecs C) to the C.E the Observers, the District Election Officer the Returning officer, the Asst. Returning Officers dt: 18-11-1989 O Ms.No. 433, G.A. (ElecaC dt. 04-07-199 3. GO Rt. No. 1408, GA (Elecs C) Dept Relaxation of rules for settlement of TA Claims for the Journeys performed beyond urisdiction Payment of Ex-gratia and other benefits to the families of poling personnel who die in the course of discharge of election dt: 27-03-1996 s No. 150, GA (Elecs B) at: 13.11.2014 5 Ms Finance (HRM.IV) Payment of remuneration to personnel drafted for training classes polling/counting duty, to Grade Lil& 1II Officers Remuneration to Village Servants for Department, dated 02 05.2015 Provision of packed lunch/light refreshment ECI.Lr No.464/ANST-PAY/2014-EPS dt 28-02-2014 Rs.150- to the staff deplayed at the centers Uniform rate of remuneration to the Officers Officials deployed on Election This order issues with the concurrence of Finance (EBS I) Department vide their

(BY ORDER AND IN THE NAME OF THE GOVERNOR OF TELANGANA) CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER& 2 U.O No. 9080/347/EBS /2018, dt: 03.12 2018 DR RAJAT KUMAR E O. PRL SECRETARY TO GOVERNMENT To All Collectors & District Election Officers in the State (we) The Commr&Spl.Officer&District Election Officer, GHMC, Hyderabad (we) The All Returning Officers in the State Through Collectors& DEOS) The Director of Treasuries and Accounts, Andhra Pradesh, Hyd All District Treasury Officers in the State (we The Accountant General, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad Copy to The Finance (EBS-) Department (we SFISC IFORWARDED BY ORDER CTION OFFICER

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