⏩  a)    Candidate  enters the  Centre.

⏩  b)  Candidate  goes  through  the  Seating  Plan  displayed  at  the  entrance  and identifies  the  specific  Examination  Hall  allocated  to  him/her. 

⏩ c)    After  confirming  the  Examination  Hall,  the  candidate  is  directed  to  proceed  to the  Registration  Desk for giving  photo  and  Thumb  impression.

⏩  d)    If  more  than  100  systems  are  available  in  a  Centre,  then  there  will  be  two Registration  Desks.

⏩  e)    The  candidate  should  carry  ONLY  the  printout  of  the  Admit  Card downloaded from  the  TSPSC  website  along  with  any  valid  Identity  proof  in original .

⏩  f)   At  the  Registration  Desk,  the  candidate  shows  his/her  Admit  Card  and  Identity Proof.  

⏩ g)  The  CBRT-P  representative  at  the  Registration  Desk  will  verify  the  Admit  Card and  the  Identity  Proof,  and  checks  the  candidate’s name  in  the  list  provided. 

⏩ h)  If  everything  is  found  to  be  in  order,  then  the  candidate  proceeds  to  the Examination  Hall.

⏩  i)  The  candidate  sits  at  the  computer  allotted  to  him/her  and  waits  for  further instructions  from  invigilators.  

👉👉 DOs :

⏩ 1 : Closure of Candidate entry into the Examination Centre is 9.15 AM/1.45 PM for FN/AN Sessions. Candidates has report to the test center before GATE closure time

⏩ 2: Candidate Has to Bring hall ticket for verification along with at least one original (no photocopy or scanned copy) valid identification card (for example: Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar-UID, Government Employer ID and Driving License) to enter to examination Hall.

⏩ 3: The check-in procedure inside the test hall may include capturing your image and left thumbprint. This is a security feature which will allow TSPSC to verify your identity and also to check impersonation by any candidate.

⏩ 4:  You have to use the mouse to answer the multiple choice type questions. 

⏩ 5: Candidate has to sit for 150 mins of exam time. No candidate is allowed to leave the Examination hall till the end of the examination. Submit the Rough sheets & Pen to the invigilator before you leave the hall.

⏩ 6: Candidate Photo not appearing properly in Hall Ticket, such Candidates has to bring two passport size photographs.

⏩7:  Candidate are advised to sit on the system allotted to them as per the system numbers given at the examination hall. The system allotted to Candidate, displays your personal details (photo and name) on your login screen. Go through them carefully and contact the invigilators in case of any discrepancy

👉👉 Don't s:

⏭ 1:  Candidates should not be late as they will not be allowed to test center after GATE Closure time.

⏭ 2: Candidates Without having Hall Ticket and Original Identification will not be allowed to the examination center.

⏭ 3: Candidates not allowed to carry any electronic or any other gadgets, Pens, mobile/cellular phone, tablets, pen drives, Bluetooth devices, watch, calculator, log tables, wallet, purse, notes, charts, loose sheets or recording instruments strapped on your body or in your pockets to exam room.

⏭ 4: Do not bring your valuable devices or personal belongings. There may not be a guaranteed security facility for safe-keeping of outside the examination hall

⏭ 5: Candidates are advised not to apply any external matters like Mehandi, Ink etc. on their Hands/Foot. Because of this your Thumb impression/biometric may not be captured at examination center. 

⏭ 6:  Do not touch the Key board during the exam. Candidates are advised not to Violate Instructions/misbehave during the examination. 

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