TS: TRT CBRT Exam Generall  Instructions

Generall  Instructions:

⏩ 1. Total duration of examination is 150 minutes.

⏩ 2.  The  clock  will  be  set  at  the  server. The  countdown timer  in the  top right  corner of  screen will  display  the  remaining time  available  for  you to complete  the examination. When the timer reaches zero, the examination will end by itself. You  will  not  be  required to  end or  submit  your  examination

⏩  3.  The  Question Palette  displayed on the  right  side  of  screen  will  show  the  status of  each  question using one  of  the  following  symbols:

⏩ 4. Click on the ">" arrow button to maximize the question window. To view the question palette again, you can click on "<" which appears on the right side of question window.

⏩ 5. To answer  a  question, do the  following:

a.  Click  on the  question number  in the  Question  Palette  at  the  right  of  your screen to go to that  numbered question directly. Note  that  using  this option does  NOT  save  your  answer  to the  current  question.

b.  Click  on  Save  &Next  to save  your  answer  for  the  current  question and then go to the  next  question.

c.  Click  on  Mark  for  Review  &  Next  to save  your  answer  for  the  current question, mark  it  for  review, and then  go to the  next  question.

⏩ 6.  Procedure  for  answering  a  multiple  choice  type  question:

a.  To answer  a  question, Click on the  button against  the  chosen option among  the given four  options.

b.  To change  your  chosen answer, click  on the  button of  another  option

c.  To deselect  your  chosen answer, click  on the  button of  the  chosen option again or  click  on the  Clear  Response  button

d.  To save  your  answer,  you  MUST  click  on the  Save  &  Next  button

e.  To mark  the  question for  review, click  on the  Mark  for  Review  & Next  button.  If  an answer  is  selected  for  a question that  is  Marked for  Review, that  answer  will  be  considered in the  evaluation.

⏩ 7.  To change  your  answer  to a  question that  has  already  been answered,  first select  that  question for  answering  and then follow  step 6(b)  above.

⏩ 8.  Note  that  ONLY  Questions  for  which answers  are  saved or  marked for  review after  answering  will  be  considered for  evaluation.

⏩ 9. Sections  in this  question  paper  are  displayed  on the  top bar  of  the  screen. Questions  in a  section can be  viewed by  clicking  on the  section  name. The section you are  currently  viewing  is  highlighted.

⏩ 10. After  clicking  the  Save  &  Next  button on the  last  question for  a  section,  you will  automatically  be  taken to the  first  question of  the  next  section.

⏩ 11. You can shuffle  section(subject)  and questions  anytime  during  the  examination as  per  your  convenience  only  during  the  time  stipulated

⏩ 12. Candidate  can  view  the  corresponding  section summary as  part  of  the  legend that  appears  in every  section above  the  question palette.

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