AP PRC 2015

⏩ Andhrapradesh PRC 2015 Govt Orders : ⏪

👉 G.O.Ms.No.6, Dated: 12.01.2019 Sanction of 10% Additional Quantum of Pension/Family Pension to those Pensioners / Family Pensioners on attaining the age of 70 years, as recommended by the 10th Pay Revision Commission-Orders

👉 యూనివర్సిటి పించనుదార్లకు,బోధనేతర సిబ్బందికి పి.ఆర్.సి బకాయిలు చెల్లింపు విధివిధానాలు ఉత్తర్వు

👉 AP: Cir. Memo. No. FINO2-18023/3/2018-H Sec-DTA dt: 27-09-2018 Payment of PRC arrears to Employees retired from service/ deceased while in service after 01.04.2015 without receiving RPS, 2015 arrears Clarification Issued

👉 AP: G.O.MS.No. 142 Dated: 27-08-2018. Extension of remuneration equivalent to the minimum of the time scale in the revised pay scales of 2015 to the Full-time/NMR/Daily wages/Consolidated Pay/Part-time employees who were appointed before the cut-off date i.e, 25-11-1993 Download

👉 AP G.O.MS.No.  24 Dated:  20-08-2018. Enhancement  of Readers  Allowance  to  Teachers  and  Lecturers  who  are  Visually  Handicapped

👉 dt 07.08.18 Memo- Pay and Accounts office - RPS 2015 Arrears- clarification on payment of CPS Arrear claims - instructions.

👉 AP: PRC 10 ( PRC 2015 ) Arrears Calculation Software

👉 AP: PRC 10 ( PRC 2015 ) Total Arrears Ready Reckonar Table

👉 AP: G.O.MS.No. 98 Dated: 26-06-2018 Revised Pay Scales 2015 – Payment of Arrears - Orders

👉 pay fixation to the teachers who were appointedDSC 2008 and DSC 2012 Necessary instructions, Rc.3150 , Dt.12/10/17

👉 G.O.Ms.No.167 Dated: 20-09-2017, LOANS AND ADVANCES - Admissibility in Revised pay Scales, 2015 – Recommendation of Pay Revision Commission 2015- Orders

👉RC No3150MEstt-IL2015 Date 13-09-2017 pay fixation to the teachers who were appointed through DSC 2008 and DSC 2012 -Necessary instructions Certain information called for-Reg

👉 G.O.MS.No. 11 Dated: 03-08-2017 Sanction of conveyance allowance to the hearing impaired employees as per the recommendations of 10th Pay Revision Commission – Orders

👉 Revised Pay Scales , 2015 to the staff of A . P . Science entre of office of the Principal Chief Conservator of orests GO MS No 36 , dt 02 . 06 . 17

👉 Rc.No.169,Dt.22.02.2017 - Implementation of PRC to AP Model School Teachers

👉 G.O Ms 126 dt.30.12.16-Implementation of Revised Scales of Pay 2015 to the Teaching staff working in the AP Model Schools under the AP Secondary Education Society

👉 G.O.M.s.No.116 dt.07.12.16 - Education -Revised Pay Scales, 2015  – Applicability to the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff of the Andhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (Gurukulam)

👉 GO.51 Dt.29-11-16 Implementation of Revised Pay Scales to the Employees of SIET

👉 G.O.MS.No. 112 Dated: 23-11-2016 -Revised Pay Scales, 2015- Applicability to the regular teaching, non-teaching and Class-IV staff of the Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society

* Pay Scales to APREIS teaching, non teaching staff-Pay Revision Committee Constituted -GO.264 dt 28/11/2016

* APREIS PRC 2015 Teaching, Non teaching Staff Pay Scales GO 114 dt 30.10.2016

* G.O. Ms 130 dt.01.0716 LOANS
AND ADVANCES – House Building Advance – Admissibility in RPS, 2015

* G.O 111 dt.18.06.16
Revised rates of Special Pays to
the Teachers working in Visually
Handicapped and Hearing
Handicapped Children

* G.O Ms No's 83 to 87 -
Committees on uniform proposal
for extending RPS-2015 to the
Regular & Adhoc Staff, additional
posts, enhancement of
remuneration to Guest/ Part Time/ Contract staff in the light of PRC, 2015, Service Rules and Uniform transfers and promotions in APREIS, APSWREIS, APTWREIS and MJPAPBCWREIS – Constituted – Orders:

* Download G.O 83

* Download G.O 84

* Download G.O 85

* Download G.O 86

* Download G.O 87

* Memo No 03 Dt.27.4.16. APGLI
Subscription up to 20% on Pay in RPS 2015 certain modifications

* AP Revision of Pay Scales 2015
Amendment Order as per
G.O.NO:57. dt 11.04.2016

* AP GO 12 Animal Husbandry
Veterinary Doctors Allowance as PRC


# AP GO 36 Revised APGLI Premium rates as New Pay Scale

# Rc.20 Dt.09.02.2016 PHC –
Verification Modification Orders

# Rc.No:3277 dt 01.02.2016 Higher Classes allowances to the all Language Pandits

# AP Employees Retirement Gratuity Enhanced upto Rs.12,00,000 as per GO 6

# G.O.Ms.176, Dt.15.12.2015 Special Compensatory Allowance to the employees working in scheduled Areas

# G.O.Ms.175, Dt.15.12.2015 Manual of Special Pays and Allowances Recommendations– Revised rates of Uniform Allowance and Uniform Maintenance allowance

# G.O.Ms.174, Dt.15.12.2015 Civil Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules – AIR TRAVEL allowance

# G.O.Ms.173, Dt.15.12.201 -
Pradesh Civil Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules - Conveyance Charges with in the State, Court Masters & Personal Secretaries

# GO.150,DT.11-12-15 Travelling
Allowance on Tour

# GO.151,DT.11-12-15 Transfer Travelling Allowance

# GO.152,DT.11-12-15 Permission to travel anywhere in India on LTC once in entire service

# GO.153,DT.11-12-15 Civil Services (Travelling Allowance) Rules - Fixed Travelling Allowance

* GO.154, DT.11-12-15 Allowance to the Copyists in the Judicial
Department where Government have not supplied Computers / Photo Copying Machine

# GO.155, DT.11-12-15 Grey
Hounds of Police Department,
Special Intelligence Branch
and Counter Intelligence Cell
of Intelligence Department

# GO.156,DT.11-12-15 Incentive
Allowance to Armored Head
Constable, Armored Police
Constable and Scout Allowance
to Teachers

# GO.157,DT.11-12-15 Risk Allowance

# GO.158,DT.11-12-15 Clerical
Allowance, N.G.O. Clinic
Allowance, Night Duty
Allowance and Theatre allowance

* GO.159,DT.11-12-15 Conveyance
Allowance to Blind and Physically Handicapped employees

# GO.160,DT.11-12-15 Conveyance Allowance to certain categories

# GO.161,DT.11-12-15 Payment of enhanced stitching charges to Roneo Operators, Jamedars,
Drivers, Class IV/Last Grade
employees and Work Charged

# GO.162,DT.11-12-15 E.S.I Allowance


# GO.164,DT.11-12-15 Revised rates of Ration Allowance

# GO.165,DT.11-12-15 Leprosy Allowance to Medical and Para Medical staff working under National Leprosy Eradication Programme

# GO.166,DT.11-12-15 Slaughter House Allowance

# GO.167,DT.11-12-15
Allowances Enhancement of
Supervisory Allowance

# GO.168,DT.11-12-15 Sub-Jail Allowance

# GO.169,DT.11-12-15 Enhancement of remuneration payable to the Drivers, Roneo Duplicating Operators and Lift Operators for attending to the official duties on holidays

# GO.170,DT.11-12-15
Allowances Office Allowance
and Maintenance Allowance

# GO.171,DT.11-12-15
Allowances Revised rates of
Special Pays

# AP G.O No 2862 Revised Pay Scales, 2015–House Rent Allowance Amendment Orders.

# AP GO 139 dt 13.11.2015
retirement gratuity enhanced to
10 lakhs

# Memo.17226 dt 12.10.15 Last Date for AP Employees Pay Fixation in PRC 2015 and Instructions

# Memo.38540 dt 03.09.15 Clarifications on Stagnation of
Increments & Pay reached at maximum of time scale in Pay Fixations in PRC 2015

# Memo 26223 Accept PRC Bills
thoughout Month Treat PRC Bills as Special Bills

# DTA Memo 3321 Admit and Process PRC Bills Accept PRC Bills-Instructions to STOs/ DTOs


# AP All Departments RPS, 2015
Full Version - 2.3 Download (Updated on 12.07.2015)


# GO.85 PRC 2015 HRMS Pay Fixation and Arrear Claims New Instructions and Guidelines

#  ఎచ్.ఆర్.ఎమ్.ఎస్ ప్యాకేజి లో పి.ఆర్.సి
ఫిక్షేషన్ విధానం (in telugu and
english )

# AP Memo.3856 AP PRC 2015
Implemented to Aided Staff, Work Charged Employees

# AP Memo.3572 "RPS 2010 Special Pays and Allowances" shall be Continued in RPS 2015

# AP PRC 2015-Adnl Quantom
Pensoin -GO.69 DT.12.6.15

# AP PRC 2015-stagnation
increments GO.67.Dt.12-06-15

# AP PRC-2015 AAS-GO.68 12.6.2015

# AP PRC 2015 Pensioner GO.51
Consolidated Basic Pension/Basic Family Pension to Pensioners

# PRC DA Go 47-RPS 2015 New DA fixed at 0.524-PRC Dearness

# AP PRC HRA Go 48-RPS 2015
House Rent Allowances Go48

# Go 49 AP PRC CCA/City
Compensatory Allowance Go49

# Go 46 AP PRC Master Scales
Go46-AP PRC 2015 Fitment Go.No 46-RPS 2015 Go 46


# PRC 2015 service book
entry profarma

# TS PRC 2015 treasury website
option form

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