Annual School Grant to PMSHRI Schools , Guidelines Rc.No.6044/TSS/Plg/T7/PMSHRI/ASG/2023-24 Dated: 31-01-2024


 Annual School Grant to  PMSHRI Schools Rc.No.6044/TSS/Plg/T7/PMSHRI/ASG/2023-24 Dated: 31-01-2024

Sub:- School Education-Telangana Samagra Shiksha PMSHRI, Hyderabad - release an amount of Rs.513.50 Lakhs towards meeting the 100% Annual School Grant to the Govt. & Local body schools, Model Schools, Tribal Welfare Department, TREIS, Tribal welfare Society, BC Welfare, KGBVS, TMREI, Social Welfare Schools for the year 2023-24 as recommended in PAB 2023-24 -Revised Orders-Issued -Reg

Read:- 1. Minutes of PMSHRI vide F.No.1-17/2023-IS-19, Dt: 21.06.2023 from Under Secretary to the Govt. of India, Ministry of Education, Department of Schools Education & Literacy, New Delhi.

2. This Office Proc. Rc.No.6044/TSS/Plg/T7/PMSHRI/ASG/2023-24, Dated: 22-09- 2023.

3. U.O.Note No.TF/SSA/FC/54/2021-22, Dated: 29-01-2024 from State Finance Controller of this office.


In Partial Modification of the orders issued wide reference 2nd read above, the Commissioner, School Education & Ex-Officio Project Director, TSS has accorded permission to release an amount of Rs.5,13,25,112.00 (Rupees Five Crore Thirteen Lakhs Twenty Five Thousand One Hundred and Twelve Only) towards meeting the 100% of Annual School Grant to School Management Committees (SMCs) of Govt. & Local body schools, Model Schools, Tribal Department, TREIS, Tribal welfare Society, BC Welfare, KGBVS, TMREI, Social Welfare Schools as approved in PMSHRI PAB for the year 2023-24. The slab-wise of Annual School Grant approved as shown below.


Programmatic Norms

School grant on an annual basis for annual maintenance and replacement of non-functional school equipment and for incurring other recurring costs, such as consumables, laboratories, electricity charges, internet, water, development of specific teaching aids/tools by

school teachers to enhance classroom learning in the school under LEP etc.

Organisation of Annual function, Awareness camps/ programs/ celebrations of national programmes/ activities.

Extracurricular activities such as Summer Camps, Drawing/Dance/Debate competitions, Bagless Days, etc.

Promote Swach Bharat campaign.

All schools to make efforts for convergence with the provisions of various other departments, such as, playgrounds, boundary walls, electrification, maintenance of toilets, solar panel, ramps and handrails, etc.

Suggestive Action Items

1. Action based activities such as tree plantations, and cleanliness drives could be arranged both within and outside the school campus, i.e., in the classrooms, school garden, school playground, neighborhood, community etc.

2. Recycle bins could be placed at various places in schools to promote recycling of waste among students, teachers and other employees.

3. The school could fix a day of the week and declare that the cleanliness day on which they would spend their time on cleaning the areas surrounding them either in their locality or nearby their school.

4. The school could ensure fresh and clean water for the purposes like for drinking, washing hands, toilets, cleaning School, and also should have the clean water storage facility.

5. The Water resources and hand-washing facilities could be regularly cleaned and must be children friendly. The school should regularly check for the cleanliness of water resources and water storage and also should maintain hygiene at the toilet and other places which are used frequently.

6. The schools could have separate toilets for boys and girls (both toilets to be disabled friendly) maintaining the ratio of one-unit toilet containing one toilet and three urinals for 40 students.

7. The students could be taught the process and benefits of land-filing so that they can motivate their parents and neighbours to adapt to it instead of spreading the pile of garbage.

8. The students in rural area could visit all nearby houses in their village and request people to not defecate in open by telling them the dark side of it. They could also motivate them to use household toilets.

9. Annual Day/Sports Day could be celebrated every year where students can showcase their talent. Parents should also be invited to attend such occasions.

10. Schools could ensure resource integration by establishing tie-ups with local artists and organisations at district, state, national and if possible, even international level for co- curricular activities.

11. Circles like Music & Dance Performance Circles, Poetry Circles, Drama Circles, Debate Circles and so on could be encouraged and supported at the levels of schools, school complexes, districts, and beyond.

12. The school could also plan some awards for the students to laud their valuable support towards cleanliness.

The above-mentioned activities are only suggestive in nature, schools can design/plans activities based on context or specific needs of the school.


1. School has adequate number of separate toilets for girls/boys/transgender/CWSN) and they are clean, and functional with running water. Hand wash area is clean, accessible, adequate and functional

ii. School provides internship / bagless days/ entrepreneurship opportunities with local industry through internships.

The school has adequate rooms or space/s for art education, such as for, art, sculpture, music, dance, theatre, Topic circles/clubs, etc

iv. School ensures safety and security of students in residential facilities

V. The hostel fosters a culture of cleanliness and hygiene. Girls' hostel has sanitary pad vending machine as well as incinerators

General guidelines:

The SMC should make resolutions to utilize grants on the above-mentioned items and resolutions shall be maintained accordingly.

Social audit shall be done by SMC on utilisation of the grants.

Stock and issue registers shall be maintained for the items procured and utilised.

Expenditure and balance available shall be displayed on the notice board.

Discussion on utilisation of grants shall be conducted at monthly SMC meetings.

Cash book and vouchers shall be maintained for all the transactions.

Headmasters / Principals are responsible for utilization of grants as per guidelines at school level.

The DEO staff and MEO shall monitor the utilization of grants.

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