Income Tax Software 2024 for TS Employees

Enter few details of Employees Then Hit Calculate Button

Basic Pay as on Feb-2024
Present HRA:
TS Increment:
Increment Month:
Pension Type (If GPF/PPF, Enter Monthly Amount):
Total Savings ( LIC, PLI, Fees, SSY, FD ) Max: 1.5Lacs:
Total Deductions on Savings( Home, Edu Loan intrests, Medicle, PHC ) Max: 2 Lacs:
Others Earnings per Month ( HM / SA / PHC / CCA allowances):
Surrender of Earned Leaves
AAS (6/12/18/24 Yrs Scale)
Rent per Month:
DA Arrears ( 2 DA's Total -CPS Emp ):
PRC Arrears ( Total):

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