Conducting of School Complex Meetings from 4th to 7th of every month - Guidelines Proc. Rc. No. 5667/TSS/Pdg.T6/2023. Dated: 6.11.2023.



Proc. Rc. No. 5667/TSS/Pdg.T6/2023. Dated: 6.11.2023.

Sub: Education Department FLN, Unnathi and Lakshya programmes, conducting of School Complex Meetings from 4th to th of every month Guidelines Issued.

Ref: This office Procs.Rc.No.2490/TSS/Pdg/T6/2022, Dt: 12.11.2022.

The attention of the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, Hyderabad and Warangal and all the District Educational Officers in the State is invited to the reference cited above, they are informed that to conduct the School Complex Meetings for Primary Teachers every month for two days as mentioned below:

1. 50% teachers at Primary Level in the School Complex shall attend for Day-1 and remaining 50% teachers in the Complex shall attend for Day-2 so that classroom transaction may not be hampered or school shall not be closed on the day of School Complex Meeting.

II. In case of single teacher schools, the concerned Mandal Educational Officer and School Complex HM shall make alternate arrangement for classroom instruction in the respective schools on the day of School Complex Meeting so that the teacher of the school shall attend the School Complex Meeting.

Further, at the field level, school complexes are an aid that plays an important platform for this purpose, since last year we have been using Complex meetings as a platform to create awareness among the teachers. This year also school complex meetings are crucial to guide the Teachers in the Tholimettu program, Unnathi and Lakshya programs organized in the schools to make them aware of the educational issues they face on a daily basis. Therefore, in this academic year orders have been issued to conduct School Complex Meetings once in a month from the month of November to the end of the academic year in the first week of every month.

Similarly, for the teachers working in high schools, subject wise School Complex Meetings also have to be conducted once in a month from the month of November to the end of the academic year in the first week of every month. However, language teachers in high schools have to plan on one ay and non-language teachers on the other day. The Primary and Secondary School Complex Meetings shall be conducted from 4th & 5th for

Primary School Teachers and 6th & 7th for Secondary School Teachers. In case of any public holiday during these days meetings shall be conducted on the next working day.

The Primary School Complex Meetings can be held at the Mandal level either in a well-functioning and FLN implemented school or at the Mandal Resource Centre. But the cost of maintenance should be borne equally by all Complex Head Masters in that Mandal Resource Centre. The Secondary School Complex Meetings can be held at a school identified by the District Educational Officer concerned.

Detailed Guidelines for conducting School Complex Meetings i.e. Primary and Secondary are herewith annexed to these proceedings.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officers in the State shall take necessary action in the matter to conduct School Complex Meetings for both Primary and Subject Teachers of High Schools from 4th to 8th of every month (November to March).

Further, the District Observers, RJDSE, Hyderabad & Warangal, District Educational Officers and Coordinators of District Project Office of Samagra Shiksha shall attend the School Complex Meetings and guide the concerned for effective conduct of meetings to achieve the task. Is Teacher's

Encl: Annexure

Director, School Education & Ex-Officio State Project Director

To All the HODs, Addl. Directors of School Education Department. The Regional Joint of School Education, Hyderabad & Warangal. All the Joint Directors, Principal of IASE of School Education Department. All the District Educational Officers/DDs in the State.

Copy to:

All District Collectors in the State for information.

The Director, SCERT, Hyderabad.

Copy submitted:

The Secretary to Govt., Education Department, Telangana Secretariat, Hyderabad.


(Proc. Rc. No. 5667/TSS/Pdg/T6/2023, dated: 6.11.2023) GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCTING SCHOOL COMPLEX MEETINGS


A school complex is meant for professional development of teachers is a dedicated facility or institution designed to support the ongoing growth and improvement of educators. These School Complexes typically offer a range of services and resources to help teachers in enhancing their skills and knowledge.

I. Primary School Complex Meetings: Agenda for the meeting shall be prepared in prior and circulated.

For these meetings MEO, MNO, Mandal Level RPs / CPD Members of the DIET shall attend in the Mandal. The details of School Complex Meeting should be uploaded in School Education App. The suggestive agenda is as follows:

Sharing school-wise classroom observations by School Complex HM / Nodal Officer.

Student attendance and absenteeism - Strategies to address the issues.

Discussion and review of children performance.

Sharing of best practices.

Display of children writing/creative writing. creative writi

Display of TLM.

Planning for

Discussion on period plans.

Preparation of TLM.

Effective utilization of worksheets

Demonstration of lessons @ 1 per subject followed by reflections.

Discussion on contemporary issues related to education.

Plan of Action for the next meeting.

II. Secondary School Complex Meetings:

Subject School Complexes should be established for 30 to 40 Schools belonging to two or three Mandals.

The concerned subject teachers of the respective Mandals should attend the School Complex Meetings.

Agenda should be prepared in advance for the forth coming meeting and deliberate the responsibilities to the concerned.

The teacher should explain about the activities conducted in school and class rooms since the last meeting.

To discuss the monthly progress of the students in detail, conducting tests and recording the results, objectives of Unnathi and Lakshya such as Teaching Period and Practice Period steps are to be discussed in detail.

Teacher should share their experiences and also innovative activities implemented in their schools.

Discuss about the TLM used during Teaching Learning Process.

Discuss about the Library, Laboratory, IFPs and other digital resources utilizations.

Model lesson is to be conducted based on the period plans prepared.

Exhibit the students best practices in school complex meetings.

Role of DIET CPD Members:

The DIET CPD members should attend School Complex Meetings both Primary and High Schools.

Guide the teachers as noticed in the review meetings.

. Support the teachers to conduct effective Teaching Learning Process (TLP) in their respective subjects.

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