Dist Best Teacher Awards Application Form


Required Information: 

The details for assessment of work of the Teachers for selection by the Inspecting Officer
are given below:

1. Name of the Teacher. :
2. Father/Husband Name. :
3. Date of Birth. :
4. Qualifications:-
a) Academic. :
b) Professional. :
5. Service Particulars:-
a) Date of joining into service. :
b) Length of continuous service :
 as on 5th September.
c) Present designation. :
d) Name of the School in which :
 he/she is working with postal
 address and PIN CODE.
e) Permanent Postal Address :
 (Residential and Telegraphic
 Address with PIN CODE).
 Mobile No.
f) Bank account particulars :
6. Details of service rendered:
8. Extraordinary work for improving the
 Gross Enrolment of the School/Class:-
 Details of last two Academic years-
9. Reduced dropout rate in their schools in the
 district and achieved least dropout rate for the
 School/Class compared to the District figures.
 Details of last two Academic years
10.Achieved 100% results in the SSC March exams
 for the School/Class. Details of students appeared
 and passed during the past two years i.e., March,
11. Achieved maximum GPA 9+ results in the SSC March,
 exams for the School/Class. Details of students
 appeared and passed during the past two years
12.Special Awards won by the students of the Schools
/Class at the State Level Science Exhibition/ relevant
National Level competitions.
Details of the last two Academic years
13.Important innovations implemented as a Teacher
 / HM. Details during the last two Academic years
14.Head Masters who achieved 100% Aadhar seeding
for the students and teachers in the school.
15.Important contribution to develop the infrastructure
in the schools such as toilet constructions, water supply etc.,
through CSR, etc., Details of infrastructure facilities
developed in the school during the past two Academic Years,
16.Achieved Outstanding work in ‘Haritha Haram’
or made special efforts to develop Kitchen Garden etc.,
Details of plantations taken up in the school and survival
of the plants during last two years
17. Any other achievements not mentioned :
18. Brief note on criminal or other cases :
 Against the Teacher and character of
19. Specific Remarks of the Inspecting Officer :
 Justifying award for the teacher
 (one para).

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