Work Adjustment Orders Nalgonda date 12/07/2023

District Education Officer Nalgonda orders

Present:- K.T, Bikshapati, M.A.B.Ed.


|| Date: 12.07.2023.

Subject :- Issuing orders adjusting the temporary work of the teachers who are surplus to the required school in the district according to the number of students of the establishment school.

Ref :- 1. Zoom meeting instructions of Mr. Principal School Education, Telangana Hyderabad.

2. Date of acceptance of note by Shriuta District Collector Nalgonda: 12.07.2023.


According to the above reference, according to the instructions of Mr. Director of Education, Telangana Hyderabad and the approval of the note of Mr. District Collector, Nalgonda, the teachers who are in need in the district are issued temporary work adjustments to the necessary schools in the district as follows.

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