Conduct of activities on Harithostavam & Vidyadinotsavam Proc.Rc.No. Spl/B3/2023, Dt: 25.05.2023


Conduct of activities on Harithostavam & Vidyadinotsavam Proc.Rc.No. Spl/B3/2023, Dt: 25.05.2023

Harithostavam & Vidyadinotsavam

Sub: School Education Department Telangana Harithostavam on Telangana Vidyadinotsavam on 20.06.2023- Conduct of activities - Reg


With reference to the subject cited, it is to inform that, as per the instructions issued by the Government of Telangana the following activities to be conducted in all management schools in the Sangareddy District on the occasion of Telangana Harithostavam on 19.06.2023 (Monday) and Telangana Vidyadinotsavam on 20.06.2023 (Tuesday).


Telangana Harithostavam on 19.06.2023 (Monday):

⚫ A large-scale plantation programme should be organized in all villages and towns

across the state and nurseries should be visited.

⚫ Mass plantation should be conducted compulsorily in all schools of all managements i.e, Govt, ZP, Model Schools, KGBVS, Aided, all Residential and Private schools.

⚫ Explain the large-scale efforts undertaken by the Forest Department to increase the

greenery in the state. Explain the results of the measures taken to restore forests.

 ⚫ It should be informed that, Telangana is at the top in the country in increasing the green cover and explain the manner in which Hyderabad has received Green City and other awards.

Telangana Vidyadinotsavam on 20.06.2023 (Tuesday):

⚫ Flag salutation should be done in the morning in all educational institutions of all education should be mentioned in the assembly.

managements in the district. Subsequently, Telangana's achievements in the field of

⚫ Inauguration ceremony should be held in Mana Ooru Mana Badi schools which are

ready for inauguration. Libraries and Digital classrooms should be inaugurated where

there are completed.

 ⚫ Essay writing, painting and singing competitions etc. should be organized for children.

⚫ Government schools should be beautifully decorated with flowers and mango leaves. In addition to Mana Ooru Mana badi programme which the government has ambitiously launched, the establishment of 1001 Gurukulas, new universities (Horticulture, Forest, Women, Health University, etc.), establishment of a new Medical College to each district, a new Nursing college, paramedical colleges, junior colleges (including residential), degree colleges (including residential), and other details should be informed.

• As Sangareddy district has got Third place in the state in SSC Public Exams, April 2023, In this regard, Felicitation to the Headmasters and Teachers whose schools have achieved 100% Pass result and to the students who have achieved 10/10 GPA Felicitation programme should be organized at the constituency level by the MEOS in discussion with the MLAs concerned.

The receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged.


The Headmasters of all managements in the District. (through MEO concerned)

S. VENKATESHWARLU Dist. Educational Officer


Copy to all the MEOS in the District. Copy submitted to the Dist. Collector, Sangareddy for kind information.

Copy submitted to the DSE & SPD, Ex-Officio, SS, TS, Hyderabad for kind information. Copy submitted to the Director, SCERT, TS, Hyderabad for kind information.

//True copy, attested//

Asst. Director

Harithostavam & Vidyadinotsavam

Activity Schedule
Harithostavam & Vidyadinotsavam

Activity Schedule

0/0.DEO Sangareddy

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