High Schools Academic Year Calendar for AP Schoos

 English Subject Learning Outcomes 
The learner —
• listens to announcements, instructions, read-aloud texts, audio, videos for information,
gist and details; responds by answering questions accordingly.
• listens to and discusses literary / nonliterary inputs in varied contexts to infer, interpret,
and appreciate.
• speaks with coherence and cohesion while participating in interactive tasks.
• uses language appropriate to purposes and perspectives.
• talks on key contemporary issues like social justice, environment, gender, etc., in
speech and writing.
• participates in bilingual or multilingual discourses on various themes.
• reads, comprehends, and responds to complex texts independently.
• reads stories and literary texts, both fiction and non-fiction, with understanding for
pleasure and enjoyment and discusses about these.
• appreciates nuances and shades of literary meanings, talks about literary devices like
onomatopoeic sounds, symbols, metaphors, alliterations, comparisons, allusions and
the poet’s or the writer’s point of view.
• collects evidences and discusses in groups for reading autobiographies, history and
science based literary texts.
• writes paragraphs, narratives, etc., by planning revising, editing, rewriting, and finalising.
• writes reports of functions in school, family, and community activities.
• writes personal, official and business letters, articles, debates, paragraphs based on
visual or verbal clues, textual inputs, etc.
• evaluates content presented in print and in different genres/formats and presents content
using symbols, graphs, diagrams, etc.
• analyses and appreciates a point of view or cultural experience as reflected in the text;
presents orally or in writing.
• draws references from books, newspapers, internet, etc., and interprets using analytical
• speaks or writes on variety of themes.
• consults or refers to dictionary, periodicals, and books for academic and other purposes;
and uses them in speech and writing.
• provides facts and background knowledge in areas such as science and social science
and presents view points based on those facts.
• takes down dictation using appropriate punctuation marks and correct spelling of the words dictated.
• takes and makes notes while listening to TV news, discussions, speech, reading aloud or
silent reading of texts, etc., and summarises.
• uses grammatical items appropriate to the context in speech and writing.
• uses grammatical items as cues for reading comprehension such as tense, reported speech,
conjunctions, and punctuation.
• uses words according to the context and delineate it in speech and writing.
• uses formulaic and idiomatic expressions in speech and writing.
• makes use of collocations and idioms in speech and writing.
• identifies significant literary elements such as figurative language — metaphor, imagery,
symbol, simile, intention or point of view, rhyme scheme, etc.
• uses the figurative meaning of words and phrases as given in the texts read.
• assesses one’s own and peers’ work based on developed rubrics.
• develops questions for collecting data for survey on relevant issues.
• writes scripts and participates in role play, skit, street plays for the promotion
of social issues like Beti Bachao Beti Badhao, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, conservation
of environment, child labour, drug abuse, and promotion of literacy, etc.
• uses bilingual or multilingual ways to exchange ideas or disseminating information with the
help of ICT, PPT, role play, street play, drama, written scripts, etc.
• recognises and appreciates cultural experiences given in the text in a written paragraph, or
in narrating the situations and incidents in the class.
• exhibits core values such as tolerance, appreciation of diversity and civic responsibility
through debate, discussion, etc.
• learns to use Sign Language to communicate and uses Sign Language with fellow learners
with hearing impairment in an inclusive set up.
• reads the poems, stories, texts given in Braille; graphs and maps given in tactile or raised
material; interprets, discusses, and writes with the help of a scribe.

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