AP LESSON PLANS: Xth CLASS Social Studies All Lessons Lesson Plans EM & TM

👉 Social Studies సాంఘీక శాస్త్రం

Independent India (1947-77) prepared by Koteshwar Rao Shankhavaram

National Movement in India Partition and Independence Prepared by Sandi Devdaas Nogalthur Mandal

Making of independent indias Constitution prepared by Koteshwar Rao Shankhavaram

The People prepared by Sunkari Rambabu ZPHS, Garudabilli

ప్రజలు వలసలు  Prepared by Jagga Rao 

People and Settlement prepared by Sunkari Rambabu ZPHS, Garudabilli

People and Migration prepared by Sunkari Rambabu ZPHS, Garudabilli

India Relief and features prepared by Sunkari Rambabu ZPHS, Garudabilli

Resources Prepared by Kolluru Santhosh 

Indian Revers Water Sources prepared by Koteshwar Rao Shankhavaram Kakinada dist 

Kakatiya Kingdom prepared by A Gangaraju

The world between wars part 1 Prepared by Chilkuri Srinivas Rao 

Ideas & development  Prepared by Sandi Devdaas PV Thota

Climate of India  Prepared by Laxmi Shobha Rani

The making of Independent India Prepared by S Revindra Reddy

Production and Employment Prepared by Laxmi Kalyani

People and Migration  prepared by Ravindra Reddy 

Project Work EM NATIONAL LIBERATION MOVEMENTS IN THE COLONIES Prepared by Vekata Krishna Reddy E.Godavari

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