NEP Google survey questionnaire Forms Proceedings, Direct Links

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School Head/Principal/School in-Charge Questionnaire Survey Form-I

Google survey questionnaire Forms Proceedings, Direct Links

A Google survey questionnaire has been developed by the Department for School Heads/Teachers to assess the time spent by teachers in various activities including both teaching and non-teaching activities. This survey is being conducted to collate date at the central level to assess the time spent by teachers on non-teaching activities and its adverse impact on school education. Therefore, kindly, attempt each and every question. Question wise instructions are given within the question, if required. Most of the questions have table or list to be filled-in. In some questions your responses in the long text form are required. Please write you response very clearly within the given word limit. If you are not able to complete the form at a time, please save the draft. After completing the form, please press the submit button.


*As per the instructions of respected DEO sir,*

*All MEOs, HS, UPS, PS, Headmasters, TSMS Principals, KGBV SOs are informed that,*

*Filling of Google Survey forms online – School Head/Principal/School in-charge Questionnaire Survey Form-I – School Teacher Questionnaire Survey Form-II – To be completed by 28th February, 2022….*

*Proceeding and web links posted below 👇* 

           *“Treat this as Urgent “*


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