Online submission of Annual Property Returns for the year ending with 31-12-2021

Office of the Engineer-in-Chief (Admin) Water Resources Department, Currency Nagar, Ramavarappadu Ring Road, Vijayawada-520008.

 Circular Memo No RC/ENCIJ1/07126/2021 Dated:28-12-2021.

 Sub:- Estt-W.R. Department - Online submission of Annual Property Returns for the year ending with 31-12-2021 - Instructions - Regarding. 

1. G.O.Ms. No.528 Dated. 19-08-2008. 

2. Govt., Memo.No.8350/Ser.II. 1/2011-2, Dated:14-12-2011.
 3. T.O.Circular Memo.No.RC/ENC/P1/07126/2006,Dated:02-01-2013. 
4. T.O.Circular Memo No RC/ENC/P1/07126/2006,Dated:09-01-2014 5. T.O.Circular Memo No RC/ENCIJ1/07126/2014, Dated:31-12-2014.
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7. T.O.Circular Memo No RC/ENC/J1/07126/2016, Dated:21-12-2016. 
8. T.O.Circular Memo No RC/ENCIJ1/07126/2017, Dated;11-12-2017. 
9. T.O.Circular Memo No RC/ENCIJ1/07126/2018, Dated:03-12-2018. 
10. T.O.Circular Memo No RC/ENC/J1/07126/2019, Dated:30-12-2019. 11. T.O.Circular Memo No RC/ENC/J1/07126/2020, Dated:29-12-2020.

 -<@>- In order to facilitate effective monitoring of the submission of Annual Property Returns and to ensure effective record maintenance, submission of annual property returns was made online from the year 2013 onwards. Accordingly every employee of the department has been provided with User ID for accessing the Human Resources Management System and the service to upload the property information online for the year ending with 31-12-2021 will be enabled in their personal login from 01-01-2022 

All the employees are hereby informed that, it is mandatory to update personal details i.e. Mobile Number, e-Mail ID, Address, Qualification details etc, before submission of Annual Property Returns. Employee shall aiso upload signed copy of bio-data before uploading Annual Property Returns signed copies.

 All the employees (except AP Last Grade Services & Record Assistant) shall login and feed the data, download the hard copies and upload the scanned signed copies (Annexure I, II, I and Bio-Data) in PDF format and generate the acknowledgement after uploading the scanned signed copy from the HRMS web site. No employee shall approach concerned nodal officer / Office of the Engineer-in-Chief (Admin) for acknowledgement. The following instructions shall be followed for uploading of Annual Property Returns online as follows: Instructions for Uploading Annual Property Returns 
1. Update the Annual Property Returns as was done in previous years. 
2. Download the Annual Property Returns under the menu "Reports" → "Download Property Returns" → select year → download Annual Property Returns by clicking "PropertyAnnexurePDF" and verify the correctness. 
3. If any changes are to be done, the same can be carried out through edit service and again download the property returns. 
4. Sign the final verified copy of the Annual Property Returns (All Annexures) and scan the signed copies in PDF format and upload the same under menu "Reports" > Download Property Returns, click on "Attach PDF Signed file" and Select the scan signed copies of Annual Property Returns in PDF format and click on "Upload file"

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