100 💯 days reading campaign Time Tables with Module


The reading campaign aims to have participation of all stakeholders at national
and state level including children, teachers, parents, community, educational
administrators etc.

The 100 days campaign will be continued for fourteen weeks and one activity per
week per group has been designed with the focus on making reading enjoyable
and build lifelong association with the joy of reading.

The developmental goal/learning outcomes to be achieved by this campaign are
also given in the activity calendar. The weekly calendar of activities has been
prepared class wise which should be done by children with the help of teachers,
parents, peers, siblings or other family members.
In order to make the campaign effective, there will be only one activity per week
so that children can repeat the activity in the given week and ultimately be able
to understand and conduct it independently with peers and siblings. 

The activities
designed have been kept simple and enjoyable and can be easily conducted with
the materials/resources available at home.
Group wise activities are at Annexure I and II.

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