Teachers Services details updation Step by Step Process

1. Visit
https://schooledu telangana.gov.in/ISMS/

2. Click on Online Services Menu

3. Click on Teacher data verification by Teachers

4. Enter the Teacher Mobile Number and Teacher ID

5. OTP will be sent to entered mobile number

6. After entering OTP, the data will be appeared

7. The teacher has to check his / her available information

8. The teacher shall update the information required

*Teacher info Update చేయడానికి మీ వద్ద రెడీగా ఉంచుకోవల్సిన వివరాలు..*👇

*District Name* *Mandal Name* 

*Village Name*  

*School Name* 

*1.Treasury Code* 

*2.Aadhaar Number* 

*3.Name of the teacher* * 


*5.Date of Birth (dd/mm/yy)* 

*6.Social Category* 

*6(a).Sub Caste* 

*6(b).Sub Caste Category* 

*6(c).Sub Caste Name* 

*7.Nature of appointment* 

*8.Type of teacher* 

*9(a).Date of First Appointment* 

*9(b).Date of joining in present cadre* 

*Highest qualification*



*12.Classes Taught* 

*13.Appointed for Subjects* 

*Main subjects taught*

*14.Subject I* 

*15.Subject II* 

*Total days of in-service training received in last academic year*

(Only for teachers teaching in elementary sections)





*20.Training Need* 


*20(a).Training Received* 

*21.No. of working days spent on non-teaching assignments* 

*22.Maths studied upto* 

*22(a).Social studied upto* 

*23.English (as per schedule VIII) studied upto* 

*23(a).Language subjects studies upto* 

*24.Science studied upto* 

*25.Working in Present School since(Year)* 

*26.Type of Disability(if any)* 

*27.Trained for teaching CWSN* 

*28.Trained in use of computer and teaching through Computer* 

*29.Mobile Number* 


*31.Is TET Qualified* 

*31(a)Paper-I Hall Ticket Number* 

*31(b)Paper-I Year of Passing* 

*31(c).Paper-I Marks Obtained* 

*31(d)Paper-II Hall Ticket Number* 

*31(e)Paper-II Year of Passing* 

*31(f).Paper-II Marks Obtained* 

*32.Acting as Headmaster* 

33.Medium under which teacher appointed* 



*All the Best for ur Transfer /Pramotion*

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