Transmission of Digital Lessons in Urdu Medium for IX & X Classes from 28.10.20 to 11.11.20 Schedule and Time Tables

Proceedings of the Director: State Institute of Educational Technology ETV Studios: Ramanthapur, Hyderabad

Prenent: Sri A.Krishna Rao

Rc.No. 09/D2/SIET/2020-21 Dated: 21.10.2020


SIET, Hyderabad - Production and Transmission of Digital Lessons in Urdu Medium for IX & X Classes - Utilizing the services of identified Teachers, Subject Coordinators - Recording and Editing work as per schedule - Orders - Issued - Regarding.


1. Lr.No.82/+/2020, dt.20.08,2020 of Urdu Tenchers Association, TS, Hyderabad.
2. Lr. No.89/UTA-TS/2020, dt.21.08.2020 of Urdu Teachers Association, TS, Hyderabad.
3. Note orders of the DSE, TS, Hyderabad and dt. 19.10.2020.
4. Director's procs. Rc.Even No. Dated: 15.09.2020.


In continuation of the orders issued in the references read above, the District Educational Officers in the State are informed to spare the services of the identified teachers for developing the Digital Lessons of Class IX &. X in Urdu Medium as per the subject-wise syllabus. herewith. The teacher and title wise recording schedule is annexed Further, the identified teachers shall be instructed, not to use audio/video resources having copyrights protection. The teache lessons at SIET / T-SAT, Hyderabad are cligible for TA/DA and Honorarium as per who are attending the recording of norms. Hence, the District Educational Officers concerned in the State are requested to issue necessary instructions to the identified teachers, Subject Coordinators to attend recording and editing work as per schedule.




All the District Educational Officers in the State, Copy to Regional Joint Director, Hyderabad and Warangal Districts. Copy submitted to the Director of School Education, TS, Hyderabad. Copy submitted to the State Project Director, Samagra Siksha, TS, Hyderabad. Copy forwarded to the Director, SCERT, TS, Hyderabad. Copy forwarded to the State President, Urdu Teachers Association (UTA-TS), Telangana. State, N/ true copy attested // ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER canned with CamScanner

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