Compensatory Holidays Grant of Compensatory leave in lieu of Opitional Holidays- Order G.O.Ms. No.528 Dated: 26.4.1961


Holidays-Compensatory Holidays Grant of Compensatory leave in lieu of Opitional Holidays-Instructions-Issued.


1. Memo no.36/58-1, Genl, Admn,(Pol.B) Department, Dt.6.1.1958

2 G.O.Ms.No.1761 Genl, Admn(Pol.B) Department Dt.11.12.1959


In the G.O. second cited it was ordered that Government servants may.avail themselves of three holidays during a year on Festivall occasions which will be notified by Government, at their option. while it is not the intention of the Government to come in the way of their employees availing themselves of leave of absence on days notified as opitional, Holidays, it might be necessay sometimes in the interest of administration, to decline a particular employee permission to be absent on such days.

2. A Question has arisen whether a Government servant who is thus asked to attend office on a day on which he is entitled normally to avail himself of an optional holiday may be granted a compensatory holiday in lieu thereof any subsequent working day.

3. The Question has been examined by the Government. The Government have decided that if a Government Servant is called on to attend office on an Optional Holidays which he wants to avail himself of add which is refused to him in the exigencies of Government work, such a Government servant is entitled to a Compensatory Holiday in lieu of the Optional Holidays refused to him. However the total number of holidays availed of by an individual towards Optional Holidays, Whether by way of Optional holiday or Compensatory holiday in lieu thereof, shall not exceed three per Calendar Year.

(By order and in the name of the Governor of A.P.)

M.PURUSHOTHAM PAI Cheif Secretary to Government.

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