Admission Register Software Prepared by P Ramaswamy GHM ZPHS Indiranagar Siddipet

***Note:   This programme is based on non-detention system.(i.e. the class of a student in present academic year will be calculated  automatically depending  upon the  academic year and class of admission.). So if any student is a repeater, give new admission.


2 Then click on GO TO ADM REG. The Admission Register sheet will be opened. First,enter starting admission number available in your school.The Adm no's (maximum 5000 adm's ) will be dispalyed.Enter the data against the adm no.of each student .If posible,enter atleast SURNAME and NAME of all studets of your school to know admission number by name/ surname  whenever we needed.Insert PHOTO of the student strictly within the box provided for it . If data is entered in all  fields with *  (red colour headings) ,it's enough for this programme. No need to enter any thing in  1 and 3 colomns.   In colomn 2 (left to the,enter Y  to activate admission for present year (i.e. if the student is in school during this year). If CLASS ON LEAVING is entered , admission will be de-activated automatically ,showing Ex  beside  Y .  Finally  ,protect this sheet with your own password after data entry. Click on HOME  to come back to HOME PAGE. Now this programme is ready to use.

3 To get details or for Bonafide certificate, Enter Adm no in the  box provided in this HOME PAGE . The details (whether EX-STUDENT  or IN SCHOOL, Present class , study details etc. ) will be diplayed . For Bonafide ,select the bonafide type and click on the link. You can format the certificate (with colours or fonts )as you like. Take print  and come back to HOME page .

4 If any  student approaches  you, his/her  adm. no. may be known by clicking on  FIND ADM NO  and following the instructions in that sheet. After knowing adm no., click HOME and come back. Enter  Adm no . in  the box provided in home page to get  the details.

5 The list of all studens (upto 1000 students)  who are IN SCHOOL during this Academic Year can be obtained by clicking   ACTIVE ADMS link.

6 The list of studetns  in any class ,medium  during this Academic Year , with  Caste  and B /G classification can be obtained by clicking   ALL CLASS LISTS  link . Select Class and medium in that Sheet.  To take prins, select print area. You can COPY  the required data and  PASTE  SPECIAL-  VALUES in any new sheet

7 For detaied list of some students (of any class or one class ) ,click on LIST WITH DETAILS  and enter  Adm no's in Yellow coloured colomn. The details of those students  will be displayed. Hide the unused colomns  by overlaping. It is useful for preparing SSC NR, Beedi Scholarships list, Phone No.'s list etc. You can add title in yellow coloured row.

8 ADM'S IN ANY YEAR   link provides  the details and abstract of  admissions in any of the selected year.
9 ISSUED TC'S   link provides the TC details by entering TC numbers . (List upto 1000 TC's)
10 Abstract of STRENGTH  PARTICULARS  is also available  at ORANGE COLOURED links depending upon the type of  your school . (i.e. PS/UPS/HS  with  Single/Two/ Three  media's.)



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