Aadhaar Number Application Form, Updation Form , Date of Birth Proof, Address Proof Certificate

▶ Click below to download of Aadhaar Number Application Form and Aadhaar Number Update Application Form


▶ Instructions to follow while filling up the enrolment form

Field 3


Write full name without salutations/titles. Please bring the original* Proof of Identity (POI) document. (See list A below). Variation in Resident’s Name in contrast toPoI is permissible as long as the change is minor spelling only, without altering the Name in PoI document. For Example: If Resident’s PoI reads “Preeti”, then “Priti”can be recorded if Resident wants so.

Field 5


Fill in Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY format. If exact Date of Birth is not known, approximate age in Years may be filled in the space provided. Please bring the original Proofof Date of Birth (DoB), if available.(See list D below). Declared checkbox may be selected if Resident does not have a valid proof of Date of Birth document. Verifiedcheckbox is selected where Resident has provided documents as proof of Date of birth.

Field 6


Write complete address. Please bring the original Proof of Address (POA) document. (See list B below). Please note that the Aadhaar letter will be delivered at the given
address only.

 To include Parent / Guardian / Spouse name as part of the address, select the appropriate box and enter the name of the person.

 Minor Corrections / Enhancements are permissible to make the address complete without altering the base address as mentioned in the POA document.

Field 7


 In case of children below 5 years, it is mandatory to provide father/mother/guardian details with their Aadhaar or EID number.

 If the resident is not holding a Proof of Identity & using the Head of the Family identity for enrolment, it is mandatory to provide Head of the family’s details with
his/her Aadhaar or EID number. Please refer illustration below for filling EID. Please bring the original Proof of Relationship (POR) document. (See list C below).

 For other cases, it is optional for the resident to fill up the relationship details.

Field 8


Write the name of Documents for PoI and PoA. In case proof of Date of Birth is available, then write the name of Date of Birth document. If the resident is not holdinga Proof of Identity & using the Head of Family based enrolment, then write the name of Proof of Relationship document. For Valid list of documents, please refer list of
Documents below.

Address Proof

Date of birth proof

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