TS Teachers Photo Upload for issuing their Identity Cards,Step By Step Process in Telugu with screenshots

Note :
Photo Upload Feature Enabled under Teaching Staff Service
Select Only JPG,PNG Images(Max Size:50KB only)
All the MEOs & HMs are informed to update  & uploading of teacher photographs in
website to issue ID cards to the teachers immediately.
User name  :::  school Udise code
Password  :::   demo
Before 27 July 2019
Step by Step:
Step 1:
Click above School edu website link
There is three login links
Click on Students Information
Step 2:
Login with your school UDICE code shown above
Step 3:
Click on Teacher Information System
Step 4:
Click on services
Step 5:
Click on Teaching Staff Details
Step 6:
Scroll down
Step 7:
Click on upload photo
Photo must be below 50kb
▶ How to resize photo in phone  ( 50 kB )

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