Karimnagar Re-engaging of the services of Part Time Instructors (PTIs) on Contract/ Outsourcing basis working in the TSSA for the Academic Year 2019-20



Present: Sri S. Venkateslwarlu, M.A, B.Ed.

Re. No.485/PT/SS/2019 Date: 07.2019


      SSA, Karimnagar Re-engaging of the services of Part Time Instructors (PTIs) on Contract/ Outsourcing basis working in the TSSA for the Academic Year 2019-20 Crders- Issued

) Ref:

DSE &EO. SPD, TSSA, Hyd, Pree Re No. 646/TS5/T4/2019.dt01.06.2019. 2) Performance appraisals of employees concerned. 3) Note approval of the Dist. Collector & Chairman, 55A, KNR, dt:18.07.2019


      The Commissioner & Director School of Education & State Project Director, TSS Hyderabad has instructed to take steps for the renewal of the services of Part Time Instructors who worked in the needy High Schools for the academic year 2018-19 based on their performance duly making into fresh agreements for the next academic year 2019-20 vide reference 1 &2 cited The services of (86) Part Time Instructors as per Annexure I enclosed are renewed on purely contract basis from 12.06.2019 till the last working day of the academic year 2019-20 on the following terms & conditions

1. A fixed remuneration of Rs.9000/- to the Part Time Instructors per month will be paid without any allowances based on the attendance.

2. The individual should reside within the vicinity of the High School concerned and she/ he has to be available during all the working days. In addition she/ he should be available whenever her /his services are required on holidays / after institution hours as per exigency

3. The contract of the individual is purely temporary and subject to termination at any time without assigning any reasons/ notice.

4. She/ He should not approach any court of law or she should not create any civi litigation to the SSA/ School Education Department.

5 The renewal as Part Time Instructor is purely temporary and is subject to availability of funds in the Telangana Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan.

6 The individual is eligible for availing (15) days leave ina calendar year and he is not eligible for any other kind of leave.

7. They will not have the right to claim regular pay scale and pay and other benefits as their services are on contract basis and are purely temporary.

8. They are not entitled for any remuneration for the period not attended to duty

9. She/ he has to execute agreement on Rs. 100/-stamp paper with the Headmaster concerned.

10. The performance of the individuals shall be reviewed quarterly. (These urders issued with the approval of the District Colectur&Chairman, 5SA, Karimnugar vide refcrence 2 cited) DEO & Ex. O. DPO SSA, Karimnagar.


All the Part-Time instructors as per Annexure. All the Mandal Educational Officers in the district

Copy to all

the Headmasters concerned. Copy submitted to the C&DSE and State Project Director, TSSA, Hyierabad

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