Imp items to carry for Election duty

*Imp items to carry for Election duty:*

All TS Employees best of luck for the national service  Election duty.
*Imp items to be carry along with your self.*

1- *Good HAND carry bag.*
2- *Training book & other material provided by EC, Self arrangements  White papers, Pens,Pencil,Scale.*
3- *One nice decent dress.*
4- *Towel, Handkerchief, Night dress,Blanket, Sweater,Cap,Bed sheet.*
5- *Daily taking Medicines of BP Sugar, Painrelief Ointments, Balms,  Band-Aid,Cotton.*
6- *Mobile charger, Power Bank.*
7- *Torch.*
8- *Toothpaste, Soap,Tissue papers.*
9- *Biscuits, Fruits,Bread Jam,Chips, Light refreshments.*
10- *Mosquito liquid, Mosquito Agarbatti.*
11- *Sleeper one pair.*
12- *Water Bottle.*
13- *Small amount of cash in changes of rupees 10/20/50.*
14- Match Box , candle

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