Inter IPE March 2019 Exam Due Dates

It is observed that most of the Principals are deleting the names of the examination fee paid candidates from the ENR and approaching this office later with various reasons for inclusion. Any wrong DELETIONS made in the ENRs will be viewed seriously and it attracts a huge penalty

2) A number of representations were received from the students stating that they have already passed the subjects which are shown as AF or NF in the latest Marks Memos. As such, all the Principals are requested to take an undertaking from all the Private candidates who are shown AF and NF in their latest Memos stating that they have failed in those subjects and the Marks Memo issued to them is correct If any student claims that he/she has already passed in those subjects, please send full particulars like, Regd.No., Month and Year, etc., in which the candidate passed and enclosed Marks Memo.

3) Please do not accept Examination fee without ORIGINAL Marks Memo for Intermediate II year regular or failed candidetes.

5) No Hall-ticket will be issued to the candidates for IPE March 2019 without photographs and the Principal will be held responsible for not uploading photos of the candidates.

6) Examination fee particulars statements (List of candidates) and original Marks Memos shall be enclosed to the NRs/ONLINE FEE PAID PRINTOUT separately.

7) The online examination Fee PAID printouts and Fee NOT PAID printouts shall be certified by the Principal of the college and handover to the D.I.E.O. concerned along with NRs without fail.

8) The Principal of the college is responsible for uploading the details, photographs and signature of the candidates correctly.


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