Govt Employee's andTeachers Service Book Registers (SR) Maintenance Procedures, Rules, Methods, Entries, Points and Full details in English

Govt Employee's andTeachers Service Book Registers (SR) Maintenance Procedures, Rules, Methods, Entries, Points and Full details in English
Register Management of Public Service and Employee Service Books (Rules of Service) - Rules, Procedures, Entries (Entries) and References in Service Book Registrar and Suggestions etc. Full details in English
Entries in the Service Book Register (Entries):
1. Appointment  Order Details
2. The date of joining
3. Permanent address.
4. Read ( qualification with hall ticket number
5. Moles.
6. Service book 8th column employee
Signature, date.
7. Thumb prints
8. DDO signature on employee photo and photo
9. Incremental Proceeding.
10. Proceedings of Surrender Leave.
11. Group Insurance Scheme. Details
12. CPS / PRAN number.
13. Earnings leave, Half Day Leave, Salary loss
Vacation verification.
14. LTC other then Home Town, Home Town Entry.
15. LTC Declaration.
16. Leave account.
17. Half Pay Leave Account.
18. Pay Fiction Entries.
19. Details of family members including the nominee
20. Special grade increment 6 - 12 -18 - 24
Granted entries are allowed.
21. Special Pay Entries.
22. Release Entry During Transfer.
23. Service Verification Entry.
24. Provident Fund Account Number.
25. APGLI / TSGLI number.
26. Caste Verification Registration.
27. Employee ID Number.
28. Treasury ID Number (G.O.Ms.No.80 Date:
29. Registration of local status according to 610 G.
30. Service is sorted and
Prohibition entry.
31. Date of birth (to write letters)
32. BONIFFED Certificates should be entered.
33. Health Card Number.
34. Height.
35. Paternity, maternity leaves (Two Children
Up to)
36. Telangana Special Increment,
37. Promotion details,
38. Then joining the job for the first time
Job type.
39. Aadhar card number.
40. Bank Account Name and Bank Name to get Salary
41. Departmental Test
Writing: Ramzan Ali
Service Book Registry Management - Rules, References, Methods:
1) For any inevitable reasons, any mistakes should be made, not to be duplicated, white duplicate, round-up and DDO signature.
2) For some reason it is necessary to change the registration, if it is rounded up and signed on to the DDO.
3) If the service registry does not get torn anywhere, paste it into cello tape. If the card is not in the absence of letters, the gum should be stuck with time.
4) Every year's service verification should be recorded. Service verification should be registered from 01- 04 (April) to 31- 03 (March).
5) On the first day of the month, the person who joins the last retirement of the previous month will add the increments.
6) Duplicate Service book can be officially kept. It should be signed with DDO in each entry. The original will be based on the original when it is lost. Or the original register can take your Xerox but DDO is no exception. This service should be written as a duplicate on the book.
7) Sketch pen in this register should not be used for jell pen or ink pen. Only ballpoint pens should be used. It is best to use black ball ballpoint pen. DDOs should not be signed with Jell Pen. Must be sure to sign with the leaf green ballpoint pen.
8) Ellayon shall be granted EOL Period for the next HPL rest to E before the stored time when the long-term holidays are issued after the leave is paid for a longer period.
9) The work and responsibility of registering the register is entirely DDO. When the work is burdened, it can be written with someone but DDO is responsible. So everything should be studied and signed.
10) When applying the husband's husband's transfers, the details must be entered in the register. Gazetted employees can use once every five years for the rest of the eight years. Ten points given to both
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Written by Ramzan Ali
⏩ 11) DDO GARI takes full charge if the employee service book is lost. The new one should open, which means a police report. Duplicate Book can be opened with new Xerox help.
⏩ 12) If an office has a lot of employees, it is easier to work their service books in Beiruwa according to their incentives.
⏩ 13) If the employee is required to serve the service book anytime, a petition (application form) from the employee must be corrected and declarated as the case may be.
⏩ 14) Employees should complete full signature rather than brief signatures in the Service Register, if it is not possible, write down short.
⏩ 15) for any reason that the proceedings have been made in any proceedings, but it should not be deleted when the service is written in the register. You need another procedure to make mistakes again.
⏩ 16) It is advisable for employees to write their service registries independently. It is advisable to know someone in the rules or in their presence. There will be no mistakes.
⏩ 17) Employees must register their qualifications in the service register including hall ticket number.
⏩ 18) Employee name Employee ID is a good option to bookmark the Employee Service Register in Beirut.
19) Once the employee has passed his job, it is necessary to register all the qualification details in the registrar including the hall ticket number.
20) Every time the cut is made in the Group Insurance Scheme, the exemption details should be entered.
21) In the future, the birth register can not be changed once in the service register.
(G.O.Ms.No.165 F & P Date: 21-4-1984)
The Physical Fitness Certificate issued by the doctor in the service register should be recorded in the service register for the first time.
(G.O.Ms.No.03 Fin Date: 08-01-1969)
23) Each employee has to declare his Home Town (LTC). Such details should be recorded in the office service register.
(APLTC Rule.No.8 of clause (b) (i)
24) If the employee has been subjected to any kind of penalties under CCA Rules-1991, such details should be recorded in the Service Register.
(Govt.Memo.No.51073 Date: 19-12-2002)
25) The employee should not be registered in the service register about the character and character.
26) Every member of his service is registered with the employee. Take a look at the registration details and give him the office of the employer to verify that the details are correct.
(G.O.Ms.No.152 Fin Date: 20-5-1969)
27) In case of an NGO employee transfer, the relevant employee service register must be forwarded to the office officer who is transferred to the office of the transferred officer, not to send the service registrar to the appointed employee.
(G.O.Ms.No.722 Date: 30-07-1966)
(G.O.Ms.No.391 Date: 07-11-1978)
28) Do not enter things in the service register with pencil.
(Govt.Memo.No.72246 Date: 30-07-1966)
29) Reversal details (in 2009, some districts have been promoted and returned reversals since there are no postings).
30) Increase the increments if you have to enter the details.
31) Child Care Vacations Every time you have to register and enter the balance of holidays.
32) Long-term holidays should be entered along with dates.
33) Holidays for higher education should be entered along with the date of holidays. (SCs and STs are given two sessions for higher education for the first generation of the family)
34) Advance Details (Home Construction, Car Loan, Computer, Advance Details for Marriage, These Advance Only Granted to Government Employees)
35) Whether the state or national level has any award from the government, the reward or the prizes, the service schemes or the medals.

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