AP G.O.RT.No.  1784  Dated:  25-09-2018  Digitalization  of  PPOs in Treasuries  and  Accounts  Department 


Public Services –  Treasuries  &  Accounts Department  -  Digitalization  of  PPOs in Treasuries  and  Accounts  Department  –  Orders  – Issued.



AP G.O.RT.No.  1784  Dated:  25-09-2018  Digitalization  of  PPOs in Treasuries  and  Accounts  Department 

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e-file  No.14024/2/2018  of  DTA,  Ibrahimpatnam.

*** ORDER:

     Government  has  taken  a  decision to digitalize  Pension Payment  Orders  (PPOs) of all Pensioners in the  state and  directed  the Director of Treasuries and Accounts,  A.P., Ibrahimpatnam  to prepare a detailed note  keeping in view the exact requirement of the system,  approximate volume  of  the  PPOs  to  be  digitalized  in  the  state.

2. In  the reference  read  above,  the  DTA has  furnished  a detailed  report  and submitted that there are  around 3,53,000 pensioners in the  state  and  all pension  records are being held  in  the  custody  of  196  ATO/STO  of  Sub Treasuries  who acts  as  Heads  Of Offices and  also  Pension  Disbursing  Authority. Each pension  record  consists  of  14-20 pages  (both  sides).  The  most important  aspect  in  digitization  of pension  records  is  proper indexing  and uploading of scanned records  through  a  software.  The system  should  be designed  in such  a  way that,  whenever the STO  (PDA)  enters  the  PPO  No/PPO  ID,  the details of  the  pension record should be displayed without any effort  and the  ATO/STO should  also be  able  to attach  further necessary  documents to the  scanned pension record and it  should  get  updated in  the  master  data.  Both  Password /Biometric  security system should  be enabled  at STO level for  getting access to the scanned  pension  records.  All  this requires  a  special  software. The  DTA  has also  proposed  to take up the  scanning of  1000 pension records available  in Capital Region  Treasury of Ibrahimpatnam (approx  14000 pages)  as  a  pilot  project  which  costs around  Rs.8,000/-, before taking  up  the  scanning work of  all  PPOs in  all  (13)  Districts.

3. The  CEO,  APCFSS  has submitted that  the  required software to  take  up  the said work  is already available  with  APCFSS and it  has resident  software  programmers and  is providing all  IT  related services viz; the  relevant  applications,  software and the knowledge along with  the  on-going maintenance to various  HODs  within  the  same data centers. The  need  for using  the  digitized  PPOs will  be with  the payments related to pension  package  and  with  the  implementation  of these  functionalities within  CFMS  as part of  phase  2, this would  allow  for seamless  integration  with  CFMS  and  requested  the Government  to  assign  the  said  work  to  the  APCFSS.

4. After  careful  examination,  Government, hereby  accorded sanction  for  Rs.8,000/to  APCFSS to take  up  the scanning  work  of 1000 pension  records available  in Capital Region  Treasury  of Ibrahimpatnam  (Approximately 14000 pages) as  a  pilot  project.  The Amount can be met  from  the available BE  2018-19 provision under 2054-00-095-00-01Head  Quarters  Office  - 130/132-Other Office  Expenditure  in  BE  2018-19.


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