All In One New Mid Day Meals Software ( PS, UPS, HS, GHS, TSMS, Aided ) - TS Free Download Updated On 25.02.2019

_*All In One New Mid Day Meals Software ( PS, UPS, HS ) - TS*_

Uploaded on 17.09.2018

Software Works in Phone and Computers
Just Fill In One Sheet ( Day Wise Attendance ) And Get Below Registers, Forms, All Types of Bills Automatically


1. All in one MDM Register
2. Day Wise Stock Register
3. Day Wise Cooking Agency Cum Taste
4. Day Wise Mid Day Meals Register
5. Month Wise Rice Stock Register, Bill
     Payment Register ( Acquittance
     Register ) ,
6. Bill Register


1. Covering Letter
2. Rice Particular Bill Proforma - I
3. Rice Particular Bill Proforma - II
4. Cook Account Particular
5. Egg Bill
6. Cooking Bill
7. General Component Bill ( PS/ UPS )
8. General Component Bill ( HS )
9. SC Component Bill ( PS/ UPS )
10. SC Component Bill ( HS )
11. ST Component Bill ( PS/ UPS )
12. ST Component Bill ( HS )
Total = 18 Forms

Click Below To Download
>> Daily Attendance Register

Mid Day Meals Software for Phones


Works With WPS office download from Google Play Store

  Mid Day Meals Software for Computer


Mid Day Meals Bill Ready Reckonar Table for PS, UPS, and High Schools

                                           Download  ( High Schools )

                                            Download ( Primary Schools )


➤ How to use this software in phone Procedure Video In Telugu Click Below To watch


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