Dt 07.08.18 RPS, 2015- Withdrawl of arrears-Clanfication on payment of CPS arrear claims-Instructions



PAO, Ibrahimpatnam- RPS, 2015- Withdrawl of arrears-Clanfication on payment of CPS arrear claims-Instructions-Issued


G.O Ms No 98, Einance PC. TAI Departmept, dt 26 06.2018 RPS.

         With reference to Para- 4(c) of the G.O cited, regarding drawl of arrears of 2015 in respect of employees covered under CPS, all the officers and staff members of this office are hereby informed that " ten percent ( 10 % ) of amount " means only 10 % of Basic Pay DA of the arrears payable to the employees only but not 10% of Gross Therefore, they are instructed to adhere the instructions as specified by the Government vide G.O.Ms No 655, Fin (Pen-I) Dept, dt 22.09.2004 at Rule-I while admitting, auditing and passing the arrears claims of RPS, 2015 It is also informed that while admitting the claims pertaining to the employees those who worked in the State of Telangana at the time of pay fixation in RPS, 2015 and finally allocated to the State of Andhra Pradesh, the audit sections must insist on the DDO to produce the statements of pay fixation in RPS, 2015 along with Appendix-ll and Non-Drawl Certificates of these employees from respective departments belonga to the Government of Telangana under proper authentication Pay and Accounts o, All Officers and Audit Sections

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