TS: Rc.No.77/PS2-1/2015 Dated: 24-07-2018 Balala Haritha Haram Guidelines


TS: Rc.No.77/PS2-1/2015 Dated: 24-07-2018 Balala Haritha Haram Guidelines


     School Education Balala Haritha Haram-Joint Initiative of School Education Department and Forest Department Revised Schedule Communication - Reg.


    1. This office Proc.Rc.No.77/PS2-1/2015, dated:05.07.2018.

   2. Mail, dated:23.07.2018 received through mail from Dr.K.Tirupataiah, IFS, Director, Telangana State Forest Academy.


        While enclosing herewith a copy of the mail received vide reference 2d cited, along with the schedule on the Action to be taken for Balala Haritha Haram, all the District Educational Officers in the State are informed that, in the discussions held in the Chambers of OSD to C.M with the Additional Director, School Education, the category of participants from School Education is revised and informed to expedite the details of area available for planting institution wise, identification of district level officials and mandal level officials for TOT and to instruct all HMs to identify Haritha Upadyayulu and formation of Green Brigades in all the Schools. Further, as per the instructions issued by the Hon'ble Dy.C.M. and Minister for Education in the Video Conference conducted on 06.07.2018

1. To allot at least 5-6 Plants to each student for planting at the School point and at the residence of the Children.

2. To allot Target of at least One Crore Plants to the School Education Department. In view of the above, discussions, the following is the Action Plan and Schedule for Balala


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