PRC Proposals by STUTS

The State  Teachers' Union has been established in the year 9-6-1947 before Independence  and has been recognised by  the then Nizam Government vide Memo No. 1890 dt : 9-6-1947.   STU Senior Leaders who have  been elected subsequently as Teacher MLC's Sri  V.P.  Raghava  Chary,  J.  Mutta Reddy, P.  Rama Brahmam, K.  Rama Chandra Reddy,  Veena  Vijaya  Rama Raju, A.  Shyam Sundar Rao, P.  Srirama Murthy,  P.  Subba Reddy and others have  contributed a lot for the cause of Education and the  Welfare of Teaching Community.    They have  suggested better scales in earlier PRCs.    This union is affiliated to All India Secondary  Teachers Fedaration at National Level and Educational International at International Level.   Thus this union has a good name in the officials and also legislators for memorable steps which they have  taken during their resume. Pre History of PRC in the erstwhile State of A.P. The Pay and Allowances of Hyderabad State employees were so better and higher than the employee's pay and allowances of A.P.  region.  Because of economic high potentiality of Hyderabad State, the employee's were  so comfort at paylevels.    In the year of 1956 at the time of A.P.  formation the then Government equalized  pay and allowances of  both regional employees, as a result of this telangana employees were forfited the pay and allowances nearly 30% which was great loss  and remained same till date. This observation considered by  taking into account of Sri Krishna  committee report prior to  telangana state formation.


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