Khammam DIST Vidya Volunteer Final Selected List, DEO Orders , Instructions


Rc 42975, DT. 22-07-2018 Engaging the services of Vidya Volunteers through School Management Committees (SMCs) with an honorarium of Rs.12.000/- per month in the year 2018-19 Approved list


    School Education Engaging the services of Vidya Volunteers through School Management Committees (SMCs) with an honorarium of Rs.12.000/- per month in the year 2018-19 Approved list of Reg.


1. G.O. Rt, No. 48, SE Dept, Dt. 02-06-2018 communicaled vide C&DSE Proc. Rc. No. 44/ PS-2-2/2017, Dt, 10-07-2018.

2. C&DSE. TS. Hyderabad proc Rc.No. 44/PS2-2/2018, D1 11-07-2018.

3. Note orders of the District DI. 14-07-2018

4. District Level Committee, Khammam approvel Di. 21-07-2018.


                       In the reference 2nd cited, the Commissioner and Director of School Education d the G.O. R No.48, SE Dept.. D. 02-06-2018 and informed that, the Govt, have accorded permission to engoge the services of Vidyo has Volunteers in the State with an of Rs. 12.000/- per month per head Accordingly. (471) Vidya volunteers have been sanctioned to Khammom Districl where (18) Vidya Volunteers have been engaged in Teacher Less Schools in the Distric we.f. 01-06-2018. In view of the above and as per the allofment issued by the Director of School the District Level Committee, Vidya Volunteers in the academic year 2018-19 in Ploin& is here with requested to place it before the School Vidya Volunteers in the schools on "actual need basis" as per rules in force. vide reference 4h cited, the selection list of Area and Mandal wise d to all the Mandal Educalional Officers in the District ond Officers shall display the seleclion lists in MRCs and wilh SMCs concemed to The Mandal instruct the Cluster Headmaster concerned to engage the services of the Vidya Volunteers. The SMC concemed will enter into an MOiU with the Vidya Volunteer in the prescribed format. The selected Vidyo Volunteer shall given an under laking to the SMCs that they sholl slay in the are informed to Identify the candidate as Vidya Volunteer based on the preference mentioned in Para No(12) of he guidelines issued in the G.O.Ms.No.97, School Edn., (Prog I) Dept., Dt. 29-06-2016 and obtain the folowing documents from the selected Vidya Volunteer 1. Receive MOU from each selected Vidya Volunteers in the prescribed proformo. 2. Verity all the original cerlificates and keep one Xerox set of all certificates duly attested by a Gezzetted Officer viz a. Caste d by Tahsildar Cerfificates d. All Study Certificates/Local Area certificate from Tohsildar e. All other that the services of selected Vidyo Volunteers are purely tempororily till the last working day of the Acodemic Year 2018-19 and can be terminated at any time, based on justifiable grounds by the SMCs or on report of the I is also regular teacher, which ever comes earlier Further, all the Mandal Educational Officers in the District are informed to follow strictly and submit compliance report to lhe under signed immediately. any lapses are found later, the Mandal Educational Officers will be held responsible in this matter Tho receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged. 2) Copy of MOU format.


1) List of VVs District Educational District Project Officer. SSA. All the Mandal Educational Officers in the District.

Copy to

all the SMCs


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