Simple Commands and Instructions used in the Class Room

*Simple Commands and Instructions used in the Class Room*

Good Morning, Children

Good Morning, Sir/Madam

Stand up

Sit down

Please sit down

Come here

Bring your English work book

Open your book at page no 25

Raise your hand

Look here

Look at the black board

Please listen to me carefully

Listen to the story

Please keep quiet

Don’t make a noise

Copy this line (sentence) in your exercise book

Show me your book

read aloud

Read silently

Stand in a row

Sit in a first row

Please say it again

Say it again

Say answer

Take this as home work

Read this para

Stop writing

Come and meet me after the class

Read this para one after another

Come near

Write quickly

Say it loudly after me

Write the data on the black board

Please write your name on your paper

Stand beside me

Come inside

Go to your class rooms

Don’t say it after me

Note this down

Say answer to this question

Come and meet me again

Write with pencil

Go and ask your English teacher

Write with a pen

Sit here

Stand here

Don’t sit here

Say it after me

Avoid eating in the class

Let him say first

Call her

Wait here untile the class is over

Time is up

Introduce me to her

Follow me/come with me

Ask him / her name

Time is up

Introduce me English

Say it aloud

Don’t say all together

Don’t answer all together

Close your book

Pick up your pencil

Put down your pencil

Go to the black board

Open the door

Close the door

Shut the window

Go back to your seat

Show your copy writing note book

Take out your English note books

Write down

Please listen to him / her

Let me say first

Walk back to your seat

Walk to the door

Tack a sheet of paper

Open your work book at page no.13

Please pay your attention

Clean the black board

Close your books, you may go home

Give back your answer papers

Stop talking

Let us stop the lesson here

Do your home work at home

Read this paragraph one after another

Stop doing that

Don’t stand here

Wait here

Take it

Wait out side

Get ready / be ready

Go at once

Get out

Get in

Don’t write

Don’t go

Try again

Bring work books tomorrow

Please come back

Say your names / numbers for attendance

Let me see

Fetch (bring) me a glass of water

Keep everything ready

Wake me up at 5o clock

Move a little bit

Don’t move

Don’t forget

Come after wards

Don’t say like that

Do your own work

Come back soon

Stay here

Respect your parents / elders

Switch on the light

Switch off the light

Go back

Remind me about it tomorrow

Don’t be late

Write with a red pen

Don’t copy others

Go and come

Go and blow your nose

Brush your teeth

Don’t stand there

Don’t waste your time

Take relax for some time

Keep them orderly

Read the sentences carefully

See how to write / read / say

See (meet) me on Sunday

Shut your mouth first

Tell him to come here

Wash your hands

Underline the words with pencil

Tell her, It is very urgent

Tell her, I am very much thankful

Tell me what happened actually

Put it on paper / table

Just listen

Move aside

Move ahead

Come forward

Leave it

stretch your hand

Don’t stand under the trees

Come to me

All girls go to pullaiah sir

Go through the lessons

Look at the contents page

Show me your home work one after another

Now let us speak English for 10 minutes

Give him a big hand

Go to the tap and wash your face

Listen to me, you will be here at 9.30 A.M tomorrow

Carry on

Don’t worry

As it is ----

At any time

Now it is about 10o clock

By name

As you like

No one knows

Nothing to say

Listen what I say ---

Have a little patience

Give some water to drink

Ask him

Go to bed

For each a mistake

Let us begin

Write quickly

Come to Point

Think before you speck

Day after Yesterday

Day after tomorrow

Go ahead

Don’t distrub me

Come in time

Come here on time

Well said

As usual

On your request

Don’t go any where

Speak loudly

Can you speak English to me

No, thanks

Come on

Switch on the fan

Switch off the fan


Stop here

Comb your hair

sign here

Get lost

Be good

Be silent

Get up

Get out

Get in

Shut up

I know

I don’t know

try again

Please remind me

Let Ravi come

Let him go

Now and then

Don’t be silly in the class

Put everything in order

Don’t come late to school

Talk politely

Follow me

Keep it with you.

Come and have your meal

Don’t wander the varandas

Convey the news to other

Observe carefully

Omit this lesson

Try to come in time

Never speak to me like that

you, come here

Name some flowers

Don’t call names

Take it easy

Tell me

Please be seated

Hello Rani, please open the English work book, see/(look at) page no.11

Geeta come here and erase the black board

Children, please trace and copy the words in page no.41

Ravi, please read these words

Mani, you go and touch the window

Sandhya, please clean here

Close your eyes

Raise your hands

Go to the play ground

Please go and get some water

Reapeat it

Listen, watch, look, write, copy, trace

Do your home work at home

o.k. fine


Take care

See you

Have a good day

Have a nice time

Best of luck

Please sorry

Well done

All the best


I am very sorry

Very good


Keep it up

Wish you a happy vinayaka chavithi

Wish you speedy recovery

Wish you all success

Wish you a happy new year

Clean the board

All right you must not be late again

O.k. you will have to bring it tomorrow

Don’t do that

Stop that

Be silent

Time is up, close your books, you may go home

Give back your answer papers

Please write your names on your papers

Put you work on my desk

Keep the your papers on the table

Don’t forget to bring the fee

Don’t worry about it

Never mind

Cheer up

Be happy

You are write


That is right



Mani draw a line, on the black board

Give her space

Give the boy a pen

Give the pencil to the girl

You tell mala to come here

Check your mistakes

Don’t disperse answers

Don’t exchange answers

Go in a line

Stand in a line

Form in a group

Come to me

Xth B/s go to mani sir

Tie your papers

Has he gone?

Don’t call her by her name

Don’t see bad

Don’t listen bad

Don’t say bad

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