TS: G.O.Ms.No. 14 Dated:30.05.2018 LPCET Admission Rules


School  Education  Department  –  Rules  relating  to  Admission  of  students  into Pandit  Training  Courses  in  Government  Colleges  of  Teacher  Education  and Private  Language  Pandit  Training  Colleges  through  Common  Entrance  Test Rules, 2018 –  Notification  - Orders – Issued.



TS: G.O.Ms.No. 14  Dated:30.05.2018 LPCET Admission Rules

Read the  following :-

G.O.Ms.No.29, Education (SE-Trg-1)Dept.,  dt. 29.3.2007.           
G.O.Ms.No.29, Education (SE-Trg)Dept.,  dt.  20.2.2008.         
G.O.Ms.No.30, School  Education  (Trg) Dept.,  dt. 17.10.2015.        
   G.O.Ms.No.10, School  Education  (Prog.II)
G.O.Ms.No.25, School  Education  (Genl.) Dept., dt.  12.04.2017.           Dept.,  dt. 10.10.2017.            From  the  Commissioner  and  Director  of  School  Education, Hyderabad,  Lr.No. 38/N1-3/TSCERT/2018-2, dt.19.3.2018. G.O.Ms.No.10, School  Education  (Trg)  Dept.,  dt. 06.04.2018.         From the  Commissioner and Director of School  Education,  Hyderabad,  Lr.No. 38/N1-3/TSCERT/2018-2,dt.20.04.2018.

***** Orders

              were issued  in  the  G.O.1st  read  above,  framing  the  rules  for  the “Telangana  Language Pandit  Training  Colleges  (Regulation  of  Admissions  into Pandit  Training  courses  through  Common  Entrance  Test)  Rules,  2007  and  the said  rules  were amended in the  G.O.2nd  read above.  

      2. In  the  G.O.  4th  read  above,  orders  were  issued  framing  rules  relating to  the  admission  of  students  into  Elementary  Teacher  Training  Institutions  / District  Institutes  of  Education  and  Training  (DIETs)  through  Common Entrance Test  Rules, 2017.


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