AP: G.O.MS.No. 75 Dated: 28-05-2018 Appointment of  11th  Pay Revision  Commission

GOVERNMENT OF ANDHRA PRADESH ABSTRACT Appointment of  11th  Pay Revision  Commission  – Orders – Issued.

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TS: G.O.MS.No. 75 Dated: 28-05-2018 Appointment of  11th  Pay Revision  Commission

Read the following

      1.  From the  Chairman,  Joint Action  Committee  of  Employees, Teachers, Workers and  Pensioners, Andhra  Pradesh, Vijayawada Memorandum Dt:27.09.2017.

     2.  From  the President,  Andhra  Pradesh Non-Gazetted  Officers’ Association,  Vijayawada  Memorandum Dt:04.11.2017.

    3.  From APJAC of Employees, Teachers, Workers and retired employees Associations (AP JAC Amaravati)  representation, Dated:14.09.2017.

     4.  From  the President,  Andhra  Pradesh Secretariat  Association, Velagapudi  Letters Dt:28.08.2017  and  05.03.2018. 

     5.  From the Finance (PC.I) Department  e-file bearing No.FIN33024/29/2017-SO (HR IV)-FINANCE,  dated:09.05.2018.

     6.  G.O.Ms.No.72, General Administration  (SC.A)  Department, Dated:18.05.2018.

<<O>> O R D E R:

               In  supersession  of the  orders  issued  in  the  G.O.  6th  read above,  the following orders  are  issued:

       1. The Pay Scales of  the State Government  employees were  revised  with effect  from  01.07.2013  with  monetary benefit  from  02.06.2014.   The  Joint Action Committee of  Employees,  Teachers,  Workers and  Pensioners,  Andhra  Pradesh, Vijayawada;  the Andhra  Pradesh Non-Gazetted  Officers’ Association, Vijayawada; the APJAC of  Employees,  Teachers,  Workers  and  retired  employees Associations (AP JAC Amaravati);  the  Andhra  Pradesh  Secretariat  Association  and  other Service Associations  have  represented for  constitution  of  11th  Pay Revision Commission  for the State Government  employees.   The Government  have considered  the representations and after careful examination,  have  decided  to constitute  the  11th  Pay Revision Commission for the State Government employees.  

2. Accordingly,  Government  hereby  constitute  the  11th  Pay  Revision Commission. Orders for appointment  of Pay Revision Commissioner  will be issued in due course.

3.     The  terms  of reference  of  the Commission shall be as  follows:  


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