AP G.O.MS.No. 53 Dated: 01-05-2018 Sanction of Sixty days Paid Maternity Leave to Women


Human Resources- Outsourcing and Contract Services Married Women Employees- Sanction of Sixty days Paid Maternity Leave-Orders-Issued


AP G.O.MS.No. 53 Dated: 01-05-2018 Sanction of Sixty days Paid Maternity Leave to Women

Read the following:-

        1. G.O.Rt.No.4271, Finance (SMPC) Department, dt.01-11-2008

        2. G.O.Ms.No.151, Finance (HR.I Plg. Policy) Department, dt.08-08- 2016

        3.Representation of the President, APNGOs Association vide CMP.No.1148/ Spl.CS/2017, dt: 13.11.2017


                As per the existing guidelines on outsourcing and contract employment issued in the references first and second read above, women employees are eligible for 120 days maternity leave without paying remuneration for the said period The President, APNGOs Association in the reference third read above, brought to the notice of the Government that the unpaid period of maternity leave is adding more sufferings to the existing troubles of the women employees who are working on outsourcing and contract basis. The APNGOs Association has requested the government to consider for grant of at least 60 (Sixty) days of paid Maternity Leave for two deliveries in respect of the above women employees After careful examination of the matter and taking into view the health of the child and also the mother, the Government, in partial modification of the existing guidelines, hereby order that married women employees working on outsourcing or on contract basis shall be eligible for 60 (Sixty) days of paid Maternity Leave for the first two deliveries. This condition is relaxed in cases of employees having less than two surviving children The paid maternity leave shall be equivalent to the existing remuneration drawn by the above women employees. The statutory benefits such as EPF and ESI and other recoveries wherever admissible shal also be admissible by treating them as On Duty The orders come into force with immediate effect and closed cases need not be reopened Contd...


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