TS:_Rc.No.37/B1-1/2017 Dt.22-03-2018*_ SSC Public Examinations March 2018 - Certain instructions on smooth conduct of Examnations lssued

TS:_Rc.No.37/B1-1/2017  Dt.22-03-2018*_ SSC Public Examinations March 2018 - Certain instructions on smooth conduct of Examnations lssued -

From To Sri B, Sudhakar, Al the District Educational Officers St. Mtd. in the State Director of Government Examinations, Telangana Hyderabad. 18 Sir /Madam, sub: o/o Director of Government Examinations, TS, Hyderabad

SSC public Examinations March 2018 Certain instructions on smooth conduct of Examinations Issued Reg.

Ref: 1. Instructions issued earlier.


           In continuation to the instructions issued on smooth and orderly conduct of ssc, ossc and SSC vocational Public Examanations, March 2018, following further instructions are issued keeping in view of the incidents took place in the completed Examinations:

⏩ 1. Sitting squads from other than Education Department should be appointed at the said Examination Centers.

⏩ 2. Extra bundabast should be provided at the Examination Centers to avoid outside disturbances. No outside person should be allowed in to the Examination centers.

⏩ 3, cell phones should not be alowed into Examination centers and other persons related with conduct of examination the center nvigilators thoroughly should be checked before entering into Examination center and see that no person carries cell phone with him.

⏩ 4. Implement the Telangana Public Examinations Act, (Act No.2S/1997 and file criminal cases accordingly on all the personstinvolved in malpractices in the Examination center and initiate departmental proceedings for taking discaplinary action against the erring s.

⏩ All the requred measures have to be taken to avoid copying in the Examination centers. There should not be any complaints regarding copying at any Examination Center.

⏩ 6. Furnish detailed report on the malpractice cases day wise and filing of criminal cases as per TPE Act (Act 2s/199 if any, as the same has to be submitted to Hon ble High 70, Court

⏩ 7. Furnish the taken report on the complaints of mass copying etc. received and forwarded by this office on the same day.

⏩ 8. Furnish the rejoinders given on the adverse news published in local news papers on the conduct of SSC Public Examinations along with copies of paper clippings Any deviation of these instructions will be viewed seriously.

Yours faithfully,

3. copy submitted to the Special Chief Secretary to Government. School Department Telangana, Hyderabad for information copy submitted to the Commissioner & Director of school Education, Telangana. Hyderabad for information. copy to the RJ Ds.E. Ilyderabad and warangal for information and further necessary action in the matter


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