Relieving certificate for SSC SPOT VALUATION APRIL 2018

From,                                                              Relieving Report To, The Headmaster,        ______________________,       ______________________Mandal.   


        The District  Educational Officer, O/o.DEO, ________________, _________________________District. SSC-Spot Valuation April 2018-Relieving Of Certain Teachers-On AN of 01.04.2018_______________________________________________  for SSC-Spot Valuation Camp from 02.04.2018 to     ___.04.2018 Orders-issued.


1. Rc.No ..............,Dated:...........2018 of the Director of Government Examinations.

2. Rc.No._____________________,Dated:___.03.2018 of the District  Educational Officer,  ____________________.

          In Accordance with the instructions contained in the reference cited,  the following Headmaster  / Teachers are appointed as C.E/A.E/Spl.Asst for SSC Spot valuation Work commence from 02.04.2018 at 9.00AM for the subject  noted against  them.  


Above Teachers were relieved on 01.04.2018 AN from their duties in  _____________________________________________________  Mandal to attend the SSC Spot Valuation, SSC Public Examinations April’2018 at ____________________________________________, ___________________from 02.04.2018

To  ___ .04.2018 as C.E/A.E/Spl.Asst .  

Place: ________________________       Date  : 01.04.2018                                

                   Signature Of The Headmaster

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