G.O.Rt.No.515,  Dated:  16-03-2018.  On Duty Facility To State Union Leaders ( TSUTF , PRTU TS, STU TS, TRTF, TTU , PRTU TELANGANA, TUTF)


General  Administration Department - Services Welfare – Service  Associations of Telangana State – Extension of “Other Duty” facility to Principal  Office Bearers – Orders –  Issued.


G.O.Rt.No.515,  Dated:  16-03-2018.  On Duty Facility To State Union Leaders ( TSUTF , PRTU TS, STU TS, TRTF, TTU , PRTU TELANGANA, TUTF)

Read the  following :-

1. G.O.Rt.No.534, G.A(SW)  Department, dt:23.02.2017.
2. G.O.Rt.No.314, G.A(SW)  Department, dt:  03.02.2017.
3. G.O.Rt.No.321, G.A(SW)  Department, dt:06.02.2017.
4. From  the  President/Genl.Secy.,, Telangana United  Teachers  Federation (TUTF),  Dt:  08.12.17,  09.01.2018 with  enclosures. 
5. From the  President, Telangana Secretariat Association,(TSA)  dt:20.12.17  with enclosures 
6. From  the  President, Telangana Teachers Union(TTU),dt:20.12.17 with enclosures  
7.  From  the  President/Genl. Secy. Telangana State  United  Teachers   Federation     (TSUTF),  Lr.No.86/2017, Dt:21.12.17  &  9.1.18, with enclosures 
8.  From  the  President, Telangana Revenue  Employees  Services  Association, (TRESA),    Dt.23.12.2017 with enclosures.
9.   From  the President/Genl.  Secy.,  Telangana Rastra Teachers  Federation (TRTF),     Lr.No.59/TRTF/2016, dated:19.12.2016,  dt:28.12.17.
10.From  the  School  Edn. Dept., U.O.Note.NO.9621/SE.Genl./A1/2017,  dt:14.12.17   along with repn. of TUTF  and its enclosures.
11.From  the President/ Genl.  Secy.,  Progressive  Recognised  Teachers Union,  Telangana, dt:08.01.2018 with  its   enclosures.
12.From  the President/Genl.  Secy.,  Telangana Non-Gazetted Officers’  Union      Central  Hyd. Lr.No.41/TNGOs/CU/2017-3, Dt.02.01.18.
13. From  the  President, Twin  Cities  T.G. Govt. Drivers Central Assn., dt:08.01.18
14. From  the  President/Genl. Secy. Progressive  Recognised  Teachers  Union TS    (PRTU), Lr.No.13/PRTU/2018,  DT:16.01.2018.  15.From the   General  Secretary, State  Teachers  Union, TS, Lr.No.STUTS/44/2018,   Dt:03.01.2018 with enclosures.

**** ORDER:

          Government,  after  considering  the requests made  in  the representations 4th   to 15th  read  above,  in  continuation  of  orders  issued  in  G.O.1st,2nd  and 3rd  read above, hereby extend  O.D. facility  temporarily  to the  Principal  Office Bearers  of the Associations,  mentioned in  the table  below,  pending reconstitution  of Joint Staff Council  and  recognition in  the State of  Telangana.  


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