Duties of Chief Superintendent & Departmental Officers  SSC March 2018.

Duties of Chief Superintendent & Departmental Officers  SSC March 2018.

The Instructions Duties of the Chief Superintendents and the Departmental Officers are given in two parts namely Part-H, Part-l. Part-l deals with General Instructions applicable to all Examinations The Chief Superintendents and the Departmental Officers are informed that Bar Coding is continued to all subjects for SSC, OSSC and Vocational Public Examinations, March 2018 The method of conducting of First language paper I to Social studies paper OSSC and Vocational Papers, detailed instructions are given in the part-ll of these instructions. Any deviation mistake lapse on the part of the Chief Superintendent, the Departmental Officer and Invigilators will lead to s consequences such as withholding the results of the candidates in large numbers, non identification of the answer scripts of andidate in mark wanting cases and Re-verification Recounting cases besides initiating s disciplinary action against the Chief Superintendents the Departmental Office and the invigilators concerned. Read all the Instructions carefully and in c doubt, please discuss with the District Educational officer, the Deputy, Educational officer and the Assistant Commissioner. Any lapse op isher part will cause damage to the candidates. As the Departmental Officer an ief Superintendent shall jointly oversee and take all possible steps to t SSC Examinations smoothly, curbing all kinds of unfair means duties and instructions given to the Chief Superintendents hold good for the Departmental officer also. Hence both shall discharge all the functions jointly They are equally responsible in all aspects in


The Chief Superintendent is full responsible for the proper and orderly conduct of the examinations at the Centre. It is a very responsible work and requires meticulous planning and very careful attention even into the smallest detail. The amination process starts with the intimation that the Centre has been selected for the conduct of examinations and concludes with the sending of answer scripts to the respective spot valuation camps and also sendin required information and post examination material to the Office of the Director for Govt. Examinations (D.G.E The Departmental Officers posted at the centres should render all assistance to the Chief Superintendents. Ihey represent the Government and as such they should be extremely vigilant and oversee proper smooth and orderly conduct of SSC Examinations at the centers allotted to them. iii. :The Departmental officer shall be very watchful in opening the sealed question paper packets and in distribution to the invigilators as per rules. He/she should.....


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