AP: Comprehensive Financial Management System (Paperless transactions)w.e.f 01-04-2018 Guidelines - Module

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AP: Comprehensive Financial Management System (Paperless transactions)w.e.f 01-04-2018 Guidelines - Module

👉 What is CFMS ?

⏩   Comprehensive Financial Management System (CFMS) is an enterprise level application designed, developed and implemented by Andhra Pradesh Centre for Financial Systems and Services (APCFSS) on behalf of the Finance Department, on the SAP S4 HANA platform.

⏩  Each and every financial transaction (i.e., bills payment, challan receipt, accounting) is online and paperless.  


⏩ The HOO/DDO shall identify Maker, Checker and Submitter (DDO) in his office.

⏩  Who is Maker??  Maker is an employee (JA/SA) who prepares and processes the bill and forward to the Checker/Submitter with his remarks. (i.e., case worker in Legacy HRMS system).

⏩  Who is Checker??  Checker is an employee (Superintendent/Manager/Section Head) who checks and forward the bill to the submitter (DDO) with his remarks. Checker cannot make any corrections in the Bill. He can write his comments in the box provided.

⏩    Who is Submitter??(DDO)  Submitter is an officer i.e., the DDO who approve and submit the bill to the Treasury Office, with his remarks with digital Signature (Biometric authentication) if the bill is correct in every aspect. Otherwise the DDO will return the bill to the Checker/Maker with his/her observations for resubmission.   How to Process the bill in CFMS  ???  •Role of Maker (JA/SA) •Role of Checker (Superintendent) •Role of Submitter (DDO) 

⏩ Workflow Configurator(Office Order)  a) The Head of the Office shall identify who is maker, checker and Submitter(DDO)  in his office and entrust the subjects with seven tier classification. 

b) Multiple makers can also be allowed.But one maker shall be allowed one HOA.

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