TS,AP: program to be conducted, Honouring women swachhagrahis and champions on March 8,Internationals Women's Day

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Dated: 16 February, 2018 The Add Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary Secretarv In charge, Swacht Bharat Mission (Gramin)



           Honouring women swachhagrahis and champions on March 8,Internationals Women's Day


          the As you are aware, March 8 2018 will be celebrated as International wormen's Day around throughout the have a aitical role in making the Swachh Bharat Mission a champions, country over the past three years. As S SBM officials, and grassroot a their relentless effort in carrying the message of sanitation forward that has made the true Jan Andolan of The Ministry of water and Sanitation, with support of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, will take the opportunity to felicitate women champions for their exceptional work in the rural a at Lucknow. Uttar Pradesh urge you to lead a range of activities across districts during the first week of March, culminating on 8 March 2018. in your state as well.

These may include: Interviews of women swachhata champions that could be covered by local media, and special shows aired on local cable TV and/or regional Doordarshan channels in their honour. Their case studies could be documented and released on 8 March through events honouring women swachhagrahis, local champions and other grassroot officials. At mega-events organized at State and district level, women contributing to seM at the state/ district/ block/village level could be presented swachhta awards by the Chief Minister district. collectors, other senior dignitaries. Such events could also act asa forumfor these champions to share their experiences andlearnings through focused group discussions, inspiring many others in the process.

👉 4. Their stories could also be highlighted through social media campaigns using to further enhance their in the mission. Beyond inspiring many, these activities could also prove to be great opportunity for awareness generation towards and women s. I willbe grateful your personalleadership in making the Swachhta Shakti asuccess for A detailed report about the action taken during the week may be shared with Director (sBM), Dr. sonali Ghosh by 15" March 2018.

Yours sincerely
(Arun Baroka)

.Copy tot Joint Secretary 1. Mission Director,swachh MIL Bharat

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