Departmental Tests Study Material GOT, EOT

MATERIAL FOR THE ACCOUNT TEST FOR EXECUTIVE OFFICERS(EOT-141)                                    

THE AP REVISED PENSION RULES Rule 2&3: Serving employees/pensioners whose where abuts are not known.

⏩ Rule 3(1): The portion of the pension to be commuted should consist of whole rupee.

⏩ Rule 4: Government servants transferred from services and posts to which these rules do not apply.

⏩ Rule 5: Regulation of claims to pension or family pension.
Rule 5(b): The day on which a Government servant retired or is discharged or is allowed to resign or                     Voluntarily retire from service. 

⏩ Rule 6: Full pension subjected to approved service

⏩Rule 7(1): A Government servant shall not earn two pensions in the same service or post.

⏩ Rule 8: Pension subjected to future good conduct.

⏩Rule 9: Government has the right to withhold or withdrawn pension of Retired Government servant.  Rule 9 sub(5):Withhold or Withdrawn of pension. Rule 10 commercial employments after retirement. 

⏩Rule 10: Commercial employment after retirement.

⏩Rule 11: Restriction on practice in commercial Tax and other cases after retirement.

Rule 12: Action to be taken to withhold or impose a cut in pension after forwarding the pension papers.

⏩Rule 13: Qualifying service of a Government servant shall commence from the date he takes charge of the post                to which he is first appointment. 

⏩Rule 14(1): The service of a Government servant shall not qualify unless his duties and pay are regulated by                   the Government .

⏩ Rule 15: Counting of service rendered under central Government.

⏩Rule 16: Service as an apprentice shall not qualify for pension.

⏩Rule 17: Counting of service on contract.

⏩ Rule 18: Counting of pre-retirement civil service in the case of re-employed Government servants.

⏩ Rule 22: counting of periods spent on training.

⏩Rule 23: Counting of periods of suspension. *The period of being under suspension not treated as duty.

⏩Rule 24: Forfeiture of service on dismissal or removal.

⏩ Rule 26: Government servant resigned and joined another post in same Government-Consequential benefits in               matter of pay fixation.

⏩Rule27: Effect of interruption in service *The pension sanctioning authority  may by order ,commute  Retrospectively the periods of absence without leave extradinary leave.

⏩ Rule 28: The condonation of interruption in service is to be regulated as per this rule.

⏩Rule 29: Addition to qualifying service.

⏩Rule 30: Verification of qualifying service after 25 years of service.

⏩Rule 31:The expression “Emoluments” means pay as defined in the Fundamental rules. Rule 31 Note-5:Pay drawn by a Government servant in a tenure appointment shall not be treated as   Emoluments.

⏩Rule 32: Average Emoluments shall be determined with reference to the emoluments drawn by a Government                servant during the last ten months of his service.

⏩Rule 33: Super annuation pension.

⏩ Rule 34: Retiring pension

⏩Rule 35: Pension on absorption or under a corporation 'company or body.

⏩Rule 36: Conditions governing grant of pension to persons on absorption in or under a corporation 'company or               body.


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